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Author Topic: Early British gas turbine development  (Read 137301 times)

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Re: Early British gas turbine development
« Reply #315 on: December 14, 2014, 10:01:34 am »
Some pictures showing aircraft and engines projects designed by the British engineer Sir Alfred Hubert Roy Fedden MBE, FRAeS.

Design for a thirty-two seater tail-less airliner – in other words a flying wing – published in Fedden’s 1944 paper The Future of Civil Aviation.
The 1,350 hp Propeller Turbine, or turboprop as this type of engine became known, illustrated in the Fedden brochure.
Fedden’s 4.6 litre sleeve valve Flat Six mounted within an aircraft’s wing with long drive shaft to the pusher propeller at the rear.

Source: The Race for Hitler's X-Planes: Britain's 1945 Mission To Capture Secret Luftwaffe Technology, by John Christopher, published by The History Press Ltd (2012)

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