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RAM-A Unidentified as of 1974
RAM-B Unidentified as of 1974
RAM-D: 'Observed only once - similar to E-166'
RAM-E Twin engine delta wing fighter (presumably Sukhoi T-6-1)
RAM-F: T-6-2IG / Su-24 FENCER
Someone over at the NS forum has spotted this.

Interesting that the word "consecutive" for Trident-2 successful launches has disappeared after press-release It was 135th successful launch in a row - on March 1, 2011. It was DASO-22 launch.

In press-release said that it was 137th successful launch - on February 22, 2012. It was DASO-23 launch.

I see that there was FCET-44 launch sometime in 2011. So I think that there were two FCET-44 launches, not one. One of these launches was 136th successful and one was a failure.
I recently found this May 1937 Vought drawing for a two engine fighter V-155A.
Is it possible this was a submission for this same competition?
Space Projects / Re: Big Gemini
« Last post by Michel Van on Yesterday at 08:21:36 am »
thx,  fightingirish
for notice me on source on that Big G picture
As the Tridents come from a joint pool the problem is as much worrying for the USN as the RN, though it is proof that no rocket/missile system can ever been 100% reliable.

There's speculation the leak (to a Murdoch rag) could have been the new USG. This failure plays to their policies.
If anything as adventurous as that were to surface,  it would be  harmful.

But a missile that suddenly starts to head back towards where it has effectively come from I would think is a major concern?

All that line means is that the missile veered westward after it cleared the surface.  Range safety would have destroyed it before it posed any hazard.  (And it should go without saying that test shots have only dummy warheads.)
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: De Schelde S-21 fighter
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 07:26:13 am »
Space Projects / Re: Big Gemini
« Last post by blackstar on Yesterday at 07:20:36 am »
Thank you. That was in December 2015. There are many other articles on that site. Feel free to browse.
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