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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Soviet SST designs from the '60s
« Last post by blackkite on Today at 04:54:56 am »
M-55 supersonic passenger plane

"late in 1959 OKB V.m. Myasischev studies on passenger sverhzvukovomu launched the "55". Study several options showed that the most appropriate variant based on the m-50 bomber with M16-17. But already in the following year over the preferred layout by type of aircraft considered m-56 bomber.
In fact, it was the development of the project "53(bottom two pictures)". Considered 3 options:
(1)55A : designed to 40 passengers, had two engines
(2)55b(55Б) : designed to 85 passengers, had four engines(Top picture? This design seems to have 4 engines. Air intake shape is little different compared with "53" SST, and this design had a single vertical tail stabilizer.)
(3)55B : high-wing monoplane with a forward horizontal plumage. Under the triangular wing,
    on the sides of the fuselage in two packages were placed six engines VC-15 m.

The plane was calculated at the speed of 2300-2650 km/h at altitudes of up to 22 km. In the shipping version (takeoff weight 245 t) he could be operated on routes with a length of 6000-6500 km with 5% fuel. While the total number of passengers must not exceed 50. Takeoff was 3500 m, mileage-1500-1700 m With 100-120 passengers was within the range 3500-4000 km.
These were the first in the USSR passenger supersonic aircraft projects. Low aerodynamic airframe and high unit costs of fuel engines prevented the boundary of 1950-60-ies to create a supersonic airliner, competitive dozvukovym machines."

No.2 drawing shows M-55B which Triton-san already showed us.,3767.0.html

55A shape is unknown?
Gordon Kent (Pseud), Damage Control, 2006

United States

USS Thomas Jefferson (CVN-??)
Nimitz Class
Details as per the real ships.

USS Fort Klock (CG-??)
Ticonderoga Class Cruiser
Details as per the real ships.

USS Lawrence (FFG-???)
Oliver Hazzard Perry Class Frigate
Details as per the real ships.
Name clashes with a Charles F. Adams class destroyer that was decommissioned in 1994.

USS Mindanao
Amphibious assault ship, class not specified
No other details provided.


HMCS Picton (FFH-???)
Frigate, class not specified
Halifax Class Frigate
Details as per the real ships.


INS Vishnapatingham
Light Aircraft Carrier, class not specified
No other details provided.

INS Betwa
Brahmaputra Class Frigate
Real ship, details as in service.

INS Nehru
Sindhughosh (Kilo) Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships.
In addition to the standard armament the submarine has been fitted with a Surface to air missile launcher mounted in conning tower. It can only be fired when the submarine is surfaced.
Later fitted with three torpedo tube launched nuclear missiles described as clones of the US Tomahawk Missile.

Various warships

Plot summary: A joint US/Indian Navy exercise descends into chaos when an environmentalist suicide cult launches a coup attempt in India.

Note: The authors name is actually the pseudonym of a father/son writing team. The story takes place over four days of an unspecified year. Specific mention of Windows XP/2000 in the story without mention of later versions suggests that it can take place no later than the first half of the month of January 2007. The suicide cult in the novel was inspired by the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Burnelli projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:28:37 am »
Perhaps searching would be easier, if the source would be given ?  ::)

Sorry my dear Jemiba,

I don't remember the source,it was from my old collection,I tried to figure about it on
Internet again,but no way
'Top Hook' on Bookfinder

Thanks, found it today at a second hand bookshop.
Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by Hood on Today at 02:49:45 am »
There's a big potential market beyond T-X and Boeing and SAAB know if they stick to their guns they can get a slice of the market.
NG has other stealthier and unmanned projects on the go and have moved on from building relatively 'mundane' trainers and BAE Systems is very risk adverse when it comes to making new aircraft so no doubt both sets of shareholders weren't really too bothered about not competing to the finish line. Both companies are more systems orientated than airframe producers. Cynically, maybe NG only competed to be in with a chance of a revenue stream if B-21 hadn't gone their way and I doubt BAE ever saw the N400 as a Hawk successor.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Burnelli projects
« Last post by Jemiba on Today at 01:39:11 am »
Perhaps searching would be easier, if the source would be given ?  ::)
Shamah's Aviator's Certificate
Ta dah!


Thanks, where did you find that?
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