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I wonder whether we should consider the Mk VIII to be Canadian as Hill had the basic wind tunnel research carried out at the NRC facilities in Ottawa :)
User Artwork / Re: The Lockheed L-133
« Last post by Foo Fighter on Today at 08:26:34 am »
Could the wing allow supersonic speed?  Considering the problems IC powered aircraft had approaching mach 1.
Yes I can.
Great Info,thank you Phrenzy.
Nice find Sienar.
It would, or rather they would, as Miles kept pushing the idea for around ten years with several variations on the theme. They generated little interest and all remained on paper except for the flying scale-model M.30 'X' Minor.
Well, yes, but you would miss out on the exhibitions  ;D
User Artwork / Re: X-30A COPPER CANYON and Tupolev Tu-2000A
« Last post by Meteorit on Today at 06:05:43 am »
What a shame the model was lost :( I think Tupolev museum has the model of the initial Tu-2000 configuration. That drawings are not public was to be expected though.
For this comparison the Tu-2000A is more relevant anyway since it's clearly influenced by the original du Pont design (which has no resemblance to the final NASP configuration either).
Hopefully we can have a NASP a202 / Tu-2000 comparison some day.
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