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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Bartini Postwar Projects
« Last post by gabrielorosco on Today at 04:17:38 pm »
Thank you so much! I'm planning to build a large scale model of this bomber, and with good references I can make a better work. Thanks!
Military / Re: Surface Ships Need More Offensive Punch, Outlook
« Last post by jsport on Today at 04:17:09 pm »
RAND Report of interest

My brother in law was a senior bod inside the submarine service for many years. One major moan point was the lack of punch the surface ships had for a sustained campaign against a peer like state. The Admiralty just said "subs do this, race here, do that..." until one day, a retiring chap looked across and said "Except you sank us the moment you took Nimrod out the skies."

Didn't go down well. The west is in for a very rude shock the moment it gets into a proper fight.
What he said.
The Bar / Re: A bit of robot fun
« Last post by jsport on Today at 04:14:22 pm »

Thank you Grey Havoc, that was awesome.
Believe someone at BAE even once believed in mecha based on a design seen on this forum.. Most believe Mecha believers are nuts.. others see them as inevitable.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: SAAB L24
« Last post by hesham on Today at 03:57:44 pm »
from the contractor advocate

"Its still an incremental process but were moving forward. And I think the biggest challenge to successful deployment is getting the system to perform at a high rep rate, where we can fire several shots per minute reliably. (high rpm air defense is best use of EMRG)

There are also just so many components to this system. The pulse power system, for instance, is made up of hundreds of modules, each one of which has to be individually controlled so we have to be very precise at every stage. (and if the ship takes multiple hard hits in battle)

TCB: How long do you think it will take before an electromagnetic railgun system becomes operational?

JF: I could see a smaller scale railgun becoming operational in the next five years or so. Getting a full-powered railgun i.e. 32-megajoule ship-mounted system   up and running will probably take maybe 10 years or so. But we could certainly see a small-scale railgun operational sooner than that, perhaps even a land-based system. Actually a land-based railgun could probably be operational within the next five years because you dont have the challenge of making the system seaworthy."

In ten years an electromagnetic thermal chemical (EMTC) would provide a faster and longer range solution and likely not be dependent on the EM portion in a battle damage environment.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: SAAB L24
« Last post by Nick Sumner on Today at 03:20:08 pm »
In the second image of Reply #1 (hesham's first reply on this topic) there appear to be two pictures of a 21 cylinder (7 banks of 3 cylinders) radial engine with a large supercharger. I think I can just pick out the words 'Gnome-Rhone' in the caption. No chance of a larger version of this image is there?

I really didn't know where to put it Maybe speculative projects. But first, let's try this out here.

The CIA opened its FOIA-related reading room recently, and there are loads of material of interest for many of us in this repository.
One such unexpected material is a 1958 document available from here (direct link) discussing photon spaceships and Ionosphereplanes.

document description summary

associated pdf file

The CIA analysis indicates this material is/was likely dated 1957 and was initially published in a magazine called Sovaviation. Any information on that? Either the magazine or better scans of this very poorly reproduced material would be great.

Army Projects / Re: M-1 Replacement
« Last post by jsport on Today at 02:51:31 pm »
If the tank is to be replaced it only logically follows the reintroduction of a family of vehicles and thus the return of some form of FCS program.  There were great parts of the FCS program and material and other science continues to progress. Vehicles may not be of a uniform weight size, for instance medical, artillery, resupply. recovery and even IFV vehicles may be outsized while RSTA, Mounted Combat, large UGVs may be downsize but there still needs to be max commonality.
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