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ProjectTech Profiles / Re: Hawker P.1103 and P.1121: Camm's Last Fighter Projects
« Last post by elmayerle on November 16, 2015, 10:19:27 am »
Hopefully the transatlantic post is speedy.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased so far, and its very pleasing to get feedback. I've met people with additional information on the subject already  through publishing it, so nothing is ever definitive, but its nice to have delivered it nonetheless. Pulishing is like so many cancelled aircraft projects - "the best" is the enemy of "good enough".
Mine was quite speedy, you mailed on Monday and I received them on Friday.
Thanks for producing this great book really looking forward to having a read in more depth and checking out the drawings that have been supplied, then I need to work out how to possibly make some NEW model patterns for it, maybe in a few scales. A friend was kind enough to purchase a book for me at Telford last week.

thanks Ali
It lives eh has arrived  B) in perfect condition  :)

I've just read that bit. I'm very grateful that part made it to the book.
'I particularly liked the insight into the working relationships inside Hawker.'

That almost got cut, but I found it fascinating and increased the page count to keep it. Camm put me in mind of a somewhat malevolent Young Mr Grace.

As Geoff can confirm, nobody else but me could have taken this photo... ;)

As I posted on What If Modelers, I thought the book was great. The drawings are very good indeed, and I particularly liked the insight into the working relationships inside Hawker.
Got mine Tuesday within 24 hours of ordering it. Haven't read it yet but can't stop flicking through it. Very well illustrated!
It will probably go to the top of the to read pile after Nimrod's Genesis  :)
Great rapid service and great content. Well done all.

On the move with a crap camera phone, At leasts its upside down so PM-M should be able to read it okay in NZ.
Not the best of pictures, but here they are.

Thanks again for all your efforts.
My copy had an unfortunate encounter with the local wildlife.
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