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ProjectTech Profiles / Re: The Air Staff and the Helicopter
« Last post by CJGibson on November 16, 2016, 12:20:30 pm »
Well, when people are offering me a grand a copy, it would be rude to decline.

Artwork is by Luciano Alviano, who also did the cover for Hawker P.1103.

The single rotor job is a Fairey ultra Light.

I'm hoping to have it available in early 2017. Depends on the day job.

ProjectTech Profiles / Re: The Air Staff and the Helicopter
« Last post by starviking on November 16, 2016, 03:02:29 am »
I foresee a new addition to my book collection in the near future...
ProjectTech Profiles / Re: The Air Staff and the Helicopter
« Last post by RLBH on November 16, 2016, 01:21:26 am »
Surely some mistake - a Chris Gibson book on helicopters? I'm in, anyway!
ProjectTech Profiles / Re: The Air Staff and the Helicopter
« Last post by Cy-27 on November 15, 2016, 10:49:32 pm »
The fabulous painting on the rear cover of a Westminster is enough to get me excited!

When will it be available?
ProjectTech Profiles / The Air Staff and the Helicopter
« Last post by CJGibson on November 15, 2016, 07:49:48 pm »
Blue Envoy Press present their next title, The Air Staff and the Helicopter.

The helicopter’s appearance at the end of the Second World War presented Britain’s armed forces with a quandary – what should it be used for and who should operate it? Initially seen as a replacement for the light liaison aircraft in army co-operation and artillery observation roles, as their load carrying capabilities improved the helicopter was viewed as a logistics aircraft that could support the British Army in the field.

The RAF was ultimately given control of that aspect of the helicopter and this is the subject of The Air Staff and the Helicopter.

From the Air Horse of 1947 and the plans for a ‘Hover Force’ and ‘flying three tonner’, the RAF’s equipment ranged from the  Belvedere, Wessex and Puma in the Sixties and Seventies to the advent of the Chinook in the Eighties and Merlin in the Noughties. The Air Staff and the Helicopter examines the numerous projects and design studies and outlines how that army support role became key to British operations around the world.

The Air Staff and the Helicopter draws on archive material and, using new artwork and photos, shows how the RAF’s transport helicopters evolved to meet the challenges it faced around the world.

Projects covered include the Fairey Rotodyne, Blackburn's SP.60 Helicrane and B.118 lifting platform, Bristol Siddeley's 'Flying pigs'. the saga of AST.404 and the short-lived Merlin.

'Ivan doesn't hunt!' - If you love the smell of napalm in the morning, you'll enjoy the 'Household Air Cav', who would have loved the smell of stirrup cup in the morning and probably lugged their hunters around in the back of their Air Horses. An interesting diversion into the use of helicopters for air assault in the early 1950s.

A few options. Direct from the publisher:

To order a copy of Hawker P.1103 and P.1121 - Camms' Last Fighter Projects, please send your Paypal payments to:

Any queries, please drop me a line at the same email address.


Single copies are £11.95 each

UK postage will be £1.75 (total = £13.70)
EU Postage will be £5.30 (total  = £17.25)
USA Postage will be £7.60 (total = £19.55)
Aus/NZ postage from UK will be £8.00. (£19.95)

I will, of course, combine postage and try to minimise the postage costs where possible.

Copies of Air Staff and AEW, Admiralty and AEW and Vickers VC10 - AEW, Pofflers and Other Unbuilt Variants are also available at £9.95 each

I aim for same day posting when I'm at home.

Many thanks


Online Bookstores
The Aviation Bookshop
The Aviation Bookcentre
There's even a new copy on Ebay  this is being sold by The Aviation Bookshop but is currently at £10 with one bid.
Thanks Paul!

Is the book available anywhere at this time?  Would like to obtain a copy.

Enjoy the Day! Mark
And another:

Sized to make perfect wallpaper :)
I'm tempted to use it as wallpaper in the living room, but I foresee some difficulty in persuading the missus.
I posted a high res copy of the wonderful painting by Luciano Alviani used on the cover of the book in the extras section - low res preview attached. Sized to make perfect wallpaper :)
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