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User Artwork / Re: Arado E 555.7.....
« Last post by gery on January 15, 2017, 03:50:33 am »
I disagree - the Do-19 could have been a viable aircraft - better engines would help. It would give the Lw experience in handling large four-engine aircraft. If Dornier were making them instead of the D0-17 (about one for two), it should also dispense with the Fw-200 Condor - which is just built with lower numbers as a transport aircraft.
Using the Do-19, also gives its replacement the He-177 four engines rather then the unreliable two.
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Fictional Warships - Novels
« Last post by Graham1973 on January 15, 2017, 03:16:57 am »
Alfred Draper, The Raging Of The Deep, 1985

United Kingdom

HMS Grey Seal
Armed Trawler
1 x 12pdr (fwd)
20mm Oerlikons
Lewis guns (twin mounts)
Depth charges
600 tons
10 knots (+)
No other details provided.

Plot summary: After the fall of Crete, a plan is put in motion to harass the Germans.

Note: The novel covers the lead up to and the beginning of the German occupation of Crete and appears to be entirely set in 1941. The novel is part of a series, with an earlier novel being titled 'The Restless Waves'. The uncredited cover depicts the Grey Seal during the evacuation of Crete.
User Artwork / Re: Arado E 555.7.....
« Last post by gery on January 15, 2017, 01:54:37 am »
Take you red and blue glass......
User Artwork / Re: Arado E 555.7.....
« Last post by gery on January 14, 2017, 11:14:20 am »
in the (iron) sky.... ;D
User Artwork / Re: Arado E 555.7.....
« Last post by _Del_ on January 14, 2017, 10:34:05 am »

 I don't much appreciate being called a liar. I would have left you to your art and your opinions, to which you are entitled, but I thought you might appreciate some input from original research, given your stated aim of attempting to create the most accurate possible model.
Be as rude as you like but I would hope that the other members of this forum would look at the evidence I have presented and make up their own minds as to the accuracy of your model.

I wouldn't worry too much. They have. Most of us before you even responded. It's probably also best that in a forum such as this that the "what-if" aspects are clearly and specifically delineated, and in that regard you represent a valuable resource to us all.
It's also a shame that this thread went from an interesting art project to slightly off-balance ranting because gery is clearly quite talented and enthused. An accurate depiction of the -7 might be rather more valuable and interesting to the community than the current "what-if" (though I find those interesting, too!).
Designation Systems / Re: ITS List of Gliders & Motor Gliders
« Last post by hesham on January 14, 2017, 08:01:51 am »
Also I found this;

The analysis conducted by the Institute of Technology Gliding gave Lviv constructors guidelines for drafting the aircraft powered low power in the range 14,7- 44 kW (20 to 60 hp):

- Two-seater aircraft School of considerable speed, low load and low speed lobe lądowania- easy to use
  and piloting the glider pilots undergoing training engine
- Two-seater aircraft to the popular tourism volatile with properties similar to the previous one
- Fast plane tourist sports of careful aerodynamics, low-power engine, adapted to the landings in difficult
   terrain ( ITS-7 "Drozd" )
- Two-seater aerobatic aircraft,
- Single-seater aircraft with a maximum speed of approx. 200 km / h to acrobatics and training
   strzelaniach air with fotokarabinu.
Designation Systems / ITS List of Gliders & Motor Gliders
« Last post by hesham on January 14, 2017, 07:59:11 am »

the Polish IST or Instytut Techniki Szybownictwa (Gliding Technology Institute) was
formed in 1932,and here is its products;

ITS-I    ------?
ITS-II   was a parasol wing training glider aircraft
ITS-III  was a Project for high performance glider
ITS-IV  was a two-seat high wing glider
ITS-V   was a Project for aerobatic biplane glider
ITS-VI  ------?
ITS-7   was a two-seat low-wing motor glider airplane
ITS-8   was a single seat twin boom motor glider
ITS-8W & ITS-8M  were a variants from ITS-8,with a more powerful engine
ITS-Jaskółka   was a Project for glider of 1939
ITS-Szarańcza   was a Project for a concept Airborne behind enemy lines using a very low-cost single
                           seat glider of 1939
ITS-Wróbel   was a single seat low-wing training motor glider Project of 1938
Designation Systems / Re: Romano designations
« Last post by hesham on January 14, 2017, 07:44:28 am »
Thank you Giru,and you are welcome.
User Artwork / Re: Arado E 555.7.....
« Last post by Peebo-Thulhu on January 14, 2017, 05:00:07 am »
Just a comment about the RCS.

Wasn't it the designer of the F-117/B2... Former engineer on the SR-71/Lockheed I believe (Did the design work on the engine intake cones)

Who came across the original Russian mathematician's work on radar geometry that had been done in something like the 50's? And they realized how to apply the theory to engineering and design?

Just something I kind of remember reading in the gentle man's autobiography on his work/time in the aeronautical industry.

Sorry I can't be clearer than that but perhaps it'll give people an angle to reply about the RCS thing, not wanting to add a rail into an otherwise amazing thread.

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