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After giving much thought to this topic my choice would be the Handley Page HP.111 strategic airlifter.

It was better than the Shorts Belfast and would have been more flexible and some might have even survived the 1975 defence cuts given the RAF might have been able to convince the MOD and Treasury that there were enough commonalities with the surviving Victor tanker fleet. Or the HP.111s might have made excellent additions to the tanker fleet a decade earlier than the VC-10 and Tristar conversions.
It would still be a niche aircraft, perhaps no more than a dozen of them, but it might have been a wiser choice.
Agree on the 1952 carrier as it would have been better value for money than the various rebuilds of existing ships while delivering greater capability. 

I believe one of the requirements was that it should be able to cross deck USN types to facilitate future lend lease arrangements and as such was intended to operate Canberra sized aircraft (or more to the point A-3 sized ones).  This would have facilitated the use of standard, or at least less extensively modified US types, as well as allowing British designers greater flexibility in the designs they offered.
ARSEN - Arsen'yev

CHECH - ??
Chech-A     Ekranoplan
Chech-B     Ekranoplan

CHUCK - ??
Chuck-A      Ekranoplan
Chuck-B      Ekranoplan
Chuck-C      Ekranoplan
Chuck-D      Ekranoplan
KASP - Kaspiysk
Kasp-A     KM 'Caspian Sea Monster'
Kasp-B     A-90 Orlyonok (also TAG-C)

Kiyev - Antonov
Kiyev-A     An-72 COALER
Kiyev-B     An-124 CONDOR
Kiyev-C     An-74 MADCAP?

Sukhoi Su-25 FROGFOOT (Also RAM-J)

NOVO - GAZ-153 factory airfield (Novosibirsk)
NOVO-A    Tu-22 sized aircraft with 'delta' wings - probably a Tu-22 with outer wings removed
NOVO-C     Possibly an Su-24BM / T-60 related test item?

RAM - Zhukovsky / "Ramenskoye"
RAM-A     Tupolev Tu-123 Yastreb drone
RAM-B     Yakovlev Yak-28-64
RAM-C     Yakovlev Yak-36 FREEHAND
RAM-D     Probably Ye-150/Ye-152
RAM-E     Sukhoi T-6-1 (fixed wing Su-24 prototype)
RAM-F     Sukhoi T-6-2IG (vg wing Su-24 prototype)
RAM-G     Yakovlev Yak-36MP/Yak-38 FORGER
RAM-H     Sukhoi T-4
RAM-I     (omitted from sequence)
RAM-J     Sukhoi T-8 (Su-25 FROGFOOT)
RAM-K     Sukhoi T-10 (Su-27 FLANKER)
RAM-L     Mikoyan 9-12 / (MiG-29 FULCRUM)
RAM-M    Myasishchev M-17 MYSTIC
RAM-N    Identified as a Tu-22M fuselage
RAM-O    (omitted from sequence)
RAM-P     Tupolev Tu-160 BLACKJACK
RAM-Q     Ilyushin Il-102
RAM-R     Buran
RAM-S     Possibly Yak-38M? Mentioned in report alongside FORGER-A

SIB-A      Aerodynamic test vehicle, sounds possibly 1.42 related from description?

TAG - Taganrog
TAG-A     Beriev/Bartini VVA-14
TAG-B     ?
TAG-C     A-90 Orlyonok
TAG-D    Beriev A-40 MERMAID

TOM - Tomilino (Mil OKB)
TOM-A     Mi-24 prototype with fenestron tail rotor
TOM-B     Mi-28 HAVOC

VLAD - Akhtubinsk/'Vladimirovka'
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Early Idea for Trail ?
« Last post by hesham on March 24, 2017, 09:37:39 am »
Thank you my dear Michel.
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Early Idea for Trail ?
« Last post by Michel Van on March 24, 2017, 09:21:06 am »
nice find
Second picture has german label "Entwurf" = concept

Could be this are advance design of the „Flugbahn-Wagen“ by Franz Kruckenberg ?
Better know as "Schienenzeppelin" rail zeppelin in 1930s german Media
Because Kruckenberg worked at Zeppelin and design his „Flugbahn-Wagen“ like later one.

Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Early Idea for Trail ?
« Last post by hesham on March 24, 2017, 06:42:24 am »

is this an early new idea for Trail ?.
Hornsby chain-track artillery tractors in 1904-10 including the Mechanical Transport Committee's armour plated gun carrier proposal.  Nicknamed the "caterpillar" in one of the British Army trials but never ordered into production. The patents were later sold to the American Holt Company. If ordered by the Army and the fighting version developed we could have had "tanks" or "battle-cats" in service to win WWI by 1915.
It was bigger, longer ranged than the earlier Comets, more competitive with the 707 and DC-8
Alternative History and Future Speculation / Re: Yet more missile musings
« Last post by zen on March 23, 2017, 04:55:53 am »
more along this line

IF.....if the missile is two stage and the upper stage is designed well, it's conceivable it can be mated to other lower stage boosters.
Potential then to deliver....

1.longer range prior to first stage separation
2.Vertical launch option
3. a land attack upper stage
Grey Havoc
I can grasp these are amongst the most firmly documented of projects and so the most easily conceivable but are they the best use of limited resources?
Do you think it would have been better to say lower the requirements for TSR.2 to get the Next Gen of aircraft technology funded?

Flying Sorcerer
Why the Comet V?

I can agree the 1952 ship is by far the better option than the continuation of Audacious types and modernising Illustrious types.
Two questions
1. would it not be easier to fund and support the Medium Fleet vessels instead?
2. This not being CVA-01 would it not extert a greater limitations on Next Gen aircraft designed to operate from it?
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