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Nice work my dear Alan.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: De Schelde S-21 fighter
« Last post by hesham on Today at 01:02:47 pm »
Yes my dear Lark,

I know that,but they used two series,521 and 4301 & 4302,as I heard the last two
numbers were for a drawings also ?.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: De Schelde S-21 fighter
« Last post by lark on Today at 12:47:21 pm »
521 is a drawing number Hesham ,not a designation.

(tek. : abbreviation for : tekening , means drawing)
I did a little digging in my files and came up with a redraw I did (apparently for "American Secret Projects") of the Vought CVS-4431 V-155B. I also have drawings for the V-155, including Inboard Profiles dated 5-27-37.

HOpefully attached is my redraw of the V-155B 3-view, which the only one I have done.



Space Projects / Re: Big Gemini
« Last post by archipeppe on Today at 11:49:18 am »

Congratulations on an excellent article regarding one of my favorite subjects.  Great to see Archipeppe's beautiful illustrations included (had not seen these versions of Big G previously). 

Well done, Sir.

Thank you for the words of appreciation.

All the submissions I've seen and redrawn for what became the F7F have dates from 1941, so probably not.  Even the XF5F/Model G-34 dates from June, 1938.

Do you happen to have a 3-view of it? Looks like something I'd like to redraw.

Just to be clear: most, if not all, of these were declassified many years ago. It's just that they were only available at the National Archives location in College Park, Maryland.

Thanks for noting that, although majority (if not all) of translated manuals were actually declassified only a few years ago.
I recently found this May 1937 Vought drawing for a two engine fighter V-155A.
Is it possible this was a submission for this same competition?
Space Projects / Re: Big Gemini
« Last post by Michel Van on Today at 08:21:36 am »
thx,  fightingirish
for notice me on source on that Big G picture
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