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Naval Projects / Re: Swimmer Delivery Vehicle projects, old and new
« Last post by covert_shores on Yesterday at 11:51:24 pm »
First tests of MSubs s351 dry SDV for USN/USSOCOM trials -

The Bar / Amazing What $6 Will Get You at the Swap Meet!
« Last post by XP67_Moonbat on Yesterday at 11:35:38 pm »
I found this little beauty yesterday morning at the local swap meet. The lady in the stall sold it to me for $6.

I kept a straight face to hide my delight at a possible steal. After looking online later, I see that WW2 vintage Hellcat lighters from Hamilton do fetch a pretty penny or two, even the busted ones missing a prop blade or two like mine. I mean, I already had a clue it was vintage. The solid construction and Art Deco  styling. Plus, the base said "Made in the USA" as oppposed to China. Enough said, right?

A little chrome polish had her looking good. But even though the lighter portion doesn't work, I still just happy to have this little vintage treasure for the price I paid for it. Steal indeed! :-D

I'm happy.  :)
The Bar / Re: H.I.L.L.S. SPACE PLANE
« Last post by XP67_Moonbat on Yesterday at 11:03:05 pm »
This is good! I like it!  ;D
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: De Schelde S-21 fighter
« Last post by Avimimus on Yesterday at 08:45:44 pm »
Nice finds! This airplane really does capture the interwar realm of untested dreams. It is nice to see the wood model and other drawings.
Military / Re: Navy Officials: Current BMD Strategy ‘Unsustainable'
« Last post by sferrin on Yesterday at 07:14:42 pm »
SM-6 can do terminal BMD and other things (anti-surface, AAW) whereas SM-3 is a single
purpose weapon.

Thing is SM-6 can't touch SM-3 in exo-atmospheric capability.  They've looked at PAC-3 at 4 per cell at sea.  MSE would work there as well.

Thing is not all weapons are easily consolidated as they vary wildly in capability.  There really isn't a land-based analog to SM-6 for example, nor a sea-based analog to THAAD.
Missile Projects / Re: AFRL - HSSW (High Speed Strike Weapon)
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 05:24:53 pm »
More on HAWC and TBG

*EDIT* Added reduced quality version (to stay within server attachment size limits) of Shaffer's full PSAR 2015 presentation
Military / Re: Navy Officials: Current BMD Strategy ‘Unsustainable'
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 05:09:19 pm »
Unsustainable you say? Stunner, PAC-3 MSE, SM-6 Increment I, II, SM-3 Blk Ia, Ib, IIa (IIb is not IIb), THAAD-ER.

Surely we could benefit from some consolidation; the Navy should reconsider its allergy to liquid propellants.

I think the larger issue is that the Navy is now vastly more concerned about terminal BMD given the credible
threat posed by ASBMs. SM-6 can do terminal BMD and other things (anti-surface, AAW) whereas SM-3 is a single
purpose weapon.
Missile Projects / Re: AFRL - HSSW (High Speed Strike Weapon)
« Last post by bobbymike on Yesterday at 04:38:08 pm »
Prototypes planned in a few years

Do you have the full presentation?

I forgot to post it, had it up in the F-X thread -

Also - FY15 statement made last year

STATEMENT OF: Dr. David E. Walker, SES Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Science, Technology and Engineering)

The Air Force conducts research and development in all aspects of hypersonic technologies in partnership with NASA, DARPA, and industry/academic sectors. The HSSW program will include two parallel integrated technology demonstration efforts to leverage DARPA’s recent experience in hypersonic technologies that are relevant to reduce risk in key areas. One of the demonstrations will be a tactically-relevant demonstration of an air breathing missile technology that is compatible with Air Force 5th generation platforms including geometric and weight limits for internal B-2 Spirit bomber carriage and external F-35 Lightening II fighter carriage. This demonstration will build on the X-51 success and will include a tactically compliant engine start capability and launch from a relevant altitude.

For the other demonstration, the Air Force and DARPA will seek to develop technologies and demonstrate capabilities that will enable transformational changes in prompt, survivable, long- range strike against using the Tactical Boost Glide (TBG) concept. The objective of the TBG effort is to develop and demonstrate the critical technologies that will enable an air launched tactical range, hypersonic boost-glide missile. Both efforts will build upon experience gained through recent hypersonic vehicle development and demonstration efforts supported by DARPA and the Air Force. These demonstrations are traceable to an operationally relevant weapon that could be launched from existing aircraft. Technology and concepts from these efforts will provide options or an operational weapon system for rapidly and effectively prosecuting targets in highly contested environments.

I'm really curious what the back end of the hypersonic boost glide weapon will be. Both the X-51 and the mock-up of the HSSW up the thread use the ATACMS booster. Is the intent just to put a HTV-2 "type" glider on the front of an ATACMS as an interim solution? Does anyone know of other missiles that can be used? I stated on another thread the Super-Roadrunner would be my favorite although don't think that will happen.
Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor
« Last post by Steve Pace on Yesterday at 04:36:20 pm »
one can do only so much with shape. while i do believe shape was far more important in the past, with f22 and later projects i do suspect materials play an ever increasing role, perhaps even more than half the rcs reduction for certain wavelengths.
The late great Lt. Gen. David J. "Marshall" McCloud - a former F-117 driver who was later on the ATF selection board told me that the success of very low observables aircraft depends on shape (as much as 85%), the remaining percentage on hiding engine(s),  heat emission(s), and RAM. -SP
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