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Aerospace / Re: JMR (Joint Multi-Role) program
« Last post by bobbymike on Today at 04:16:05 pm »

CSIS Future Vertical Lift Panel
Military / S300 fail
« Last post by seruriermarshal on Today at 04:05:06 pm »

Burnt S-300 launcher at Ashuluk firing range, Asktrakhan region of Russia

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Some Russian Glider Projects
« Last post by Avimimus on Today at 03:58:38 pm »
Gribovski G-11 Glider

The life of this aircraft, intended for transportation of 6 men and being planned at the same time as the G-9 in 1932, was rather short. In many respects the G-11 repeated the destiny of the earlier G-3 glider. As with the G-3, it had twin-fuselage layout but the main difference was spacious 3-seat enclosed cabins with doors in each fuselage.

The manufacturing of the G-11 was delayed and in 1933 the governing body of "Osoaviakhim" decided to stop it entirely, though the general completeness of the glider was estimated at the level of 80 %. A motorized transport variant, known as the M-11M was built in 1935. This powered version incorporated a 100 hp M-11 engine.

The designation was also used in some wartime papers in relation to the G-29 military assault glider design.

Airplanes and Gliders of V.K.Gribovsky by Mikhail Maslov
Soviet Gliders by Rysov, U.A.
Bulletin of the Russian Aviation Research Group


Do any of these sources give information on the presence of flaps or overall weights of this design?

Also, is there any record of where the engine was planned to be mounted? Was this related to the broader motor-glider transport program?

I'm finding this design hard to research given the overlap between this design and the more famous G-29/G-30/G-11M!

Thank you!
Missile Projects / Green Sparkler
« Last post by zen on Today at 03:03:52 pm »
So what do we know about Green Sparkler?
Well we know it was the codename for the Stage 2 SAM, and that this required a range of 200nm.

We know the missile was command guidance, with midcourse update and terminal active homing.

We also know there where two seeker options looked at, each of which was aimed at range of 10nm against a bomber.
Orange Cocktail, was a bistatic system, using coherent CW seeker, with seperate transmit and receive dishes, mounted in fairings either side of the missile body.
Monocular system, using PD and thus a single dish.

We can also infer from the trials, that the dish size for Orange Cocktail was indeed 16" as this doesn't conform to reuse of Red Dean/Red Hebe (12") or Bloodhound/Thunderbird (19-20").

We can make an assumption the S-band datalink developed for Command guidance for the mk3 Bloodhound (nuclear warhead) may bear relation to that aspect of Green Sparkler.

So chief questions...

1. What was the propulsion system, rocket or ramjet?
2. What was the warhead, nuclear or conventional?
3. What were the design options for the missile fuselage looked at?

Got mine this morning direct from Crecy.

looks quite tasty Chris  B)
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Heinkel Projects and Prototypes
« Last post by hesham on Today at 01:43:43 pm »

the Heinkel He.278 was a turboprop engine monoplane fighter Project.
Military / Re: T-14 Armata - new gen Russian tank
« Last post by Anderman on Today at 12:59:31 pm »
Some interesting speculation on the armour layout from the linked post onwards:

Everytime i want to go there my virus scanner screams ALARM  >:(
That's a new one!
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Antonov An-124 development and variants
« Last post by hesham on Today at 12:56:41 pm »
Please forgive my dredging-up of an old thread: were there ever (Soviet?) plans to give the Ruslan defensive armament or any sort of countermeasures?

Good question Zac,but who can help in this ?.
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