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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: ID this Russian Aircraft Model
« Last post by flateric on Today at 07:27:31 am »
No, something is very wrong with your measurments. I got a length of almost exactly 20m, i havent measured the wingspan but it should be 13.95m. "Old" length is 19.6m.
Naval Projects / Re: RN warship 2050: project Startpoint
« Last post by TomS on Today at 07:24:18 am »
Thank you Bgray
Seems to show a railgun with such a small diameter as to be only useful for defense not bombardment.  :)

It's really hard to read scale on this, but that gun could easily by in the vicinity of 120 to 150mm, which is plenty big for a railgun, where muzzle energy matters more than diameter.  The USN's current 32MJ demonstrators have bore sizes around 60mm, and that's plenty of muzzle energy to hit shore targets as well as aerial ones.

Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Tupolev Tu-260 and Tu-360 bombers
« Last post by flateric on Today at 07:22:52 am »
260 and 360 photos are BS from Panchenko model shop.
last one should represent advanced Soviet bomber project (silhouette is made from Paralay's rough drawings based on TsAGI WT model).

Pictures are from poorly written article where author has gathered all the myths of advanced Soviet and Russian projects, mixing mostly BS with bits of real info available from other sources years ago, even without proper attribution.
Aerospace / Re: F-X -- NGAD (Next Generation Air Dominance) -- F/A-XX
« Last post by pedrospe on Today at 07:01:18 am »
Very interesting picture,thanks Triton for sharing ,it is the first time i see the fa-xx concept from below,i wonder if the yf-23 weapons bay design was used as a reference...

  best regards

I found this on wikipedia,under the name:stopped-rotor combat aircraft.

  best regards

I found another x-wing fighter concept on wikipedia.

Reference, please?
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Horten Jet Aircraft Projects
« Last post by Nick Sumner on Today at 06:39:26 am »
Beautiful work Flitzer - and good to see you back!
Naval Projects / Re: RN warship 2050: project Startpoint
« Last post by pedrospe on Today at 06:38:27 am »
Amazing concept,thanks alot everyone for posting these images.

   best regards

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: TIKHONRAVOV I-302 jet project
« Last post by Skyblazer on Today at 06:33:11 am »
Here is a couple of pics I have of the "302" (variously called "Aircraft 302" and "302P"):
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