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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Shape of the wings from 1950s
« Last post by lark on Today at 06:13:47 am »
Illustration 2,3 and 4 are artists impressions for Proff. G.Hill's
Aero isoclinic wingtip (rotatable wingtips) concepts.
Short Sherpa was the proof of the idea.
Military / Re: Army Wants 'Air Droppable' Light Tank
« Last post by TomS on Today at 06:00:20 am »
Well, it uses a gun that was never fully developed and would probably have to be redone from scratch now (more likely, they woudl insist no a 105mm gun for commonality).  Plus, I have some serious doubts about armor protection, especially vs mines and IEDs.  To handle the uparmoring necessary for a modern combat environment, you'd have to rethink the suspension and the engine -- 320 HP isn't going to be enough, for sure. 
So basically, a brand new design.  Which is what is being asked for now, and probably can't be afforded.
So basically, a  clean-sheet design.   
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Early Myasishchev jet bomber projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:57:50 am »
Here is the M-60 nuclear powered aircraft.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Nuclear Powered Aircraft Projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:55:04 am »
From Kryl'ya Rodine 4/2002,

here is a 3-view to Convair Nuclear powered aircraft.
Space Projects / Re: Cosmopolis XXI
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:48:51 am »
Thank you my dear Skyblazer,

and from Kryl'ya Rodine 4/2002,here is some pictures and drawings.
Hi! Hiro H3H1 model and H1H picture.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Shape of the wings from 1950s
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:25:29 am »

please see;

The Project 4 was familiar to me,I think I saw a real design like it,but which one ?.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: The IJN reconnaissance sea plane
« Last post by blackkite on Today at 05:25:09 am »
I am no expert on any of these topics, but, Blackkite, i agree with you that secretprojects is an incredible forum. This is the only site that i visit every day, and i am constantly in awe of the breadth & depth of knowledge of so many of the folk here. I am not going to single out people by name, lest i forget someone as deserving, but i have always thanked those who have made an exciting & invaluable contribution to my passion for aircraft. I hope that they know how much they are appreciated. Blackkite, while my interest in Japanese aircraft is limited to the Fugaku and other very large projects, i have no doubt that you too, have made a regular, and very full and very intertesting contribution to these pages, and, to me, you have given us a great deal of value. I am grateful and hope you will continue tom spoil us all.
Thank you very much foiling san.
As for me, courage seethes with the language of your warm encouragement very much.
I was desperate, investigated and have contributed the result.
For me, it is very pleasant and I have deepened knowledge by it.
I am very fortunate if you have my contribution enjoyed and deepend your understanding for Japan.
Military / Re: Army Wants 'Air Droppable' Light Tank
« Last post by Pioneer on Today at 05:02:44 am »
Once again what's wrong with a re-vamped Rapid Deployment Force Light Tank by AAI Corporation?
Aerospace / Re: Information and questions about the MV-22 / CV-22 Osprey
« Last post by yasotay on Today at 05:00:27 am »
Defense-update: Israel cancels planned procurement of V-22 Tilt-Rotor aircraft

Oct 30, 2014
 Israelís Ministry of Defense (IMOD) decided to cancel the planned procurement of six Bell/Boeing V-22 tilt rotor aircraft. Available funding will be allocated to the procurement of a second batch of F-35s fifth generation stealth fighters. The cancellation represented another abrupt change in Israelís procurement plans, after the IMOD withdrew an international tended for four Offshore Patrol Boats weeks after distributing the $500 million tender to international shipbuilders.
According to Israelís daily newspaper Israel Hayom, the decision was made over concerns of the costs associated with Operation Protective Edge. While opting to cancel the Osprey procurement Yaalon approved the purchase of a second flight squadron of F-35 stealth fighters.
The US has offered the Osprey to Israel in April 2013, during the visit of US Defense secretary Chuck Hagel. With Israel positioned as the first international buyer of the tilt-rotor aircraft, the U.S. hoped for other customers to step in. At the time Israel had agreed to purchase six V-22s, but had not yet signed the contract.

Nixing the V-22 coincided with a decision to purchase a second flight squadron of F-35 stealth fighters. A vote approving this commitment was planned for yesterday at the Kneset,but was delayed to next week. The defense establishment believes that the committee, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will approve the acquisition of a new flight squadron.

Angry politicians poking each other in the eye.
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