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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Focke-Wulf projects
« Last post by Vladimir on Today at 02:34:26 am »
Super! The project was cancelled but there was a wind-tunnel tests?
Aerospace / Re: F-X -- NGAD (Next Generation Air Dominance) -- F/A-XX
« Last post by CiTrus90 on Today at 01:41:25 am »
Just for the fun of it: would it be of interest if i opened a thread in either "Theoretical and Speculative Projects" or "Alternative History and Future Speculation" (i think the latter would be the most apt section) and offered to model a 3d representation of what we could come up with as a future speculative F-X?

Obviously every aspect of the design would have to be motivated, sort of like a team project.

Ten years from now we could look at what we made and think how close/far we were from the real deal ;)

Aerospace / Re: Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin Demonstrator
« Last post by CiTrus90 on Today at 01:24:35 am »
Oooooh taxi testing!

What a nice birthday present, thank you X-2 team ;D

I'm really looking forward to its first flight.
Alternative History and Future Speculation / Re: Sea Dart success?!
« Last post by Hood on Today at 01:22:49 am »
Thanks Arjen, I was just trying to understand your comment about ADA/Sea Dart needing three computers, as built the ADAWS-2 system in Britsol had two Ferranti 1600 computers according to every source I have seen. However, Ed Hampshire in his book 'From East of Suez to the Eastern Atlantic' also mentions that it was realised that two Ferranti 1600s would be insufficient due to the data demands somewhere between 1964 and 1966, that suggests to me that it was the Type 988/Broomstick that was the driver behind the need for a third computer and therefore a major cost driver in the whole programme.

Re-read Ian Sturton's Warship article on CVA-01 last night, he mentions that ADA on CVA-01 would need three, possibly four, Ferranti 1600s.

Re: the 1966 design, I'm open-minded that it could be Sea Sparrow, but it would be a realtively hefty cut in ASW capability given the specification of Ikara and Limbo only two years previously. A VDS does seem plausible given the stern doors and there might be a hint of A/S TT tubes abeam the after directors on the drawing.
Patent Pending / Tallei Airship with Mixed Sustentation (US 1695394 A)
« Last post by Wingknut on Today at 12:36:39 am »
Hi folks,
Hybrid airship concept from 1926:
"a novel type of airship with mixed sustentation, that is an airship provided with supporting surfaces in such a manner as to obtain as a result a flying machine which while possessing all the advantages of the usual airplanes and airships assembled together eliminates as far as possible the inconveniences of both types ...
The central body consists of a gas bag of aluminium sheet or of any other light metal sheet; said envelope is carried by a supporting and stiffening frame and contains in its interior air heated by means of the exhaust gases of the engines, so as to produce a statical lifting power to which, during the light is added the dynamical lifting power due to the pressure which the external air develops against the lateral carrying surfaces, which act in the same manner as the wings of an usual airplane".
Thanks, 'Wingknut'
User Artwork / MOVED: Rodrigo Avella - My Artwork
« Last post by PaulMM (Overscan) on Today at 12:35:54 am »
This topic has been moved to Theoretical and Speculative Projects.

While really great, this design is fictional, so belongs in the other forum.
Aerospace / Re: Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin Demonstrator
« Last post by Deino on Today at 12:20:41 am »
Video ...

Aerospace / Re: B-29 Performance Questions
« Last post by PaulMM (Overscan) on Today at 12:09:29 am »
Here are two different B-29 manuals online.

(free registration needed to download)

Look through there and hopefully you'll find your answers. Note how these two different charts differ for a start :)

Emergency high speed cruise at best conditions is 390mph (TAS) @ 35,000ft on chart 2 (80-90,000lb weight)
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Rodrigo Avella - My Artwork
« Last post by airrocket on Yesterday at 11:51:07 pm »
Whoooo dud that is waaaaay impressive I am lik'n that........!!!!

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