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Army Projects / Re: M-1 Replacement
« Last post by sferrin on Today at 05:16:21 am »
Take a look at the tanks that have been lost in urban combat, there are enough youtube etc videos.

Planes still get shot down.  Does that mean they're useless too?
Morre's "Building for Victory" is a stand alone book which covers the construction plans and programmes of the British Navy just prior to and through to the end of the Second World War. "Rebuilding the Royal Navy" is the last part of the DK Brown series which runs through a series of four volumes "Warrior to Dreadnought", "Building the Grand Fleet", "Nelson to Vanguard", and of course "Rebuilding the Royal Navy". There is a further book by Brown "Before the Ironclad", which I believe was not part of the original set, but dove-tails nicely as a first part of the "series".
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Republic XF-103 Interceptor
« Last post by blackkite on Today at 02:38:24 am »
Hi! Early design mockup.
I can see slit for periscope at the nose of the aircraft.
Side view.
Three side view.

Can you see some face in the slit?  ;D
Space Projects / Re: NASA Space Launch System (SLS)
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 02:12:12 am »
... a step by step plan to get off the planet and eventually out into the galaxy. I'm sure those in the know can argue some of the science he presents but broadly the theme is we better do this or humanity it at risk.

Strictly speaking that's not accurate. If humanity doesn't spread out into space, it's not 'at risk," it's "outright doomed." Same goes for bunnies and carrots and humpack whales... and for American/Chinese/Lithuanian/Whatever culture.

If we cannot get something like a warp drive system installed on a spacecraft then the best that we can do would be to design a so called Worldship that would take humanity to the stars at sub light speed otherwise humanity is finished.
Army Projects / Re: M-1 Replacement
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 09:44:43 pm »
And how many times do you see guys sticking their heads out of the turret while firing?  (Tried to find one of a driver sticking his head out while firing, with no luck.  I'm sure they're out there though.  :o )

It's a bad scene, man. Cue Kenny Loggins.
Army Projects / Re: M-1 Replacement
« Last post by Kadija_Man on Yesterday at 08:05:03 pm »
Tanks provide more than sufficient firepower, with armoured protection to allow them to destroy most strong points with direct fire.  However, they are effectively "blind" when closed down, when in urban environments, which allows the enemy to approach closely and attack them, unless they have sufficient infantry supporting them.  Indeed, the idea of attacking urban sites with armoured forces alone is considered crazy by most tacticians.  People seem to forget that today, most armies utilise "combined arms teams" - armour, infantry and other supporting arms to provide them with sufficient firepower and the means to overcome obstacles/strong points when they encounter them.   

This was confirmed by the Israelis in 1982 when the invaded Lebanon.  They tried to send M113s with infantry inside to support tanks in the cities they were attacking.  The infantry were reluctant to leave their APCs and as a result everybody suffered casualties from RPGs and ATGWs.   Nowadays, the Israelis kick their mounts out and make them walk when they reach the outer limits of the cities.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne and derivatives
« Last post by allysonca on Yesterday at 07:32:07 pm »
For the record there were 5 variations of the AH-64. Army, Air Force Silver, Navy Dark Blue, Marine Green, and White Airforce with the Jet engines. Circle 5 had a picture of mine a ways back in this forum. Par Tool made them and Rick Southwick was involved. You can trace his history back to the Convair model shops where he was built a lot of the in-house aircraft. You can tell his work when there were fiberglass fuselage's and wood wings. He retired to Madera where he had a small shop in a hanger doing NASA work and where we were able to get a lot of goodies he had left over. Ahhhhh, the good old days!

Space Projects / Re: National AeroSpace Plane (X-30)
« Last post by flateric on Yesterday at 07:08:59 pm »
Space Projects / Re: National AeroSpace Plane (X-30)
« Last post by flateric on Yesterday at 06:28:38 pm »
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Republic XF-103 Interceptor
« Last post by blackkite on Yesterday at 05:52:15 pm »
To be continued until page 213. Please wait for a moment. ;)
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