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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Ca- 183bis
« Last post by hesham on Today at 03:00:34 pm »
This comes from the Caproni technical description brochure. BTW, this was the bis version, with the Campini-like engine. There was a Ca-183 with a traditional engine (inline) adapted to high altitude, but no drawing, for now. Look at it as a competitor in the informal contest for a high altitude interceptor in 1942-1943. If interested, I have truckloads of technical data. Enjoy

Hello Skybolt, I am highly interested in the Ca.183bis and would like to know if you would be willing to share your 'truckloads of technical data'.

Here is some technical data;
Naval Projects / Re: German Midget submarines
« Last post by covert_shores on Today at 12:51:35 pm »
I have a research related question, what would be best source be (Online or offline.) for the numbering used on the various K-Verband submarines?
hull numbers?
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Ca- 183bis
« Last post by blockhaj on Today at 12:28:36 pm »
Me too that info would be really interesting and also useful for some of my future projects.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Douglas A-4T for FN
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 12:24:04 pm »
By the way, be confident the Aeronavale wouldn't have bought the Skyhawk if he had not been able to carry the Exocet. Even the SEM could carry one, under its wing, balanced by a fuel tank under the other wing. I'm quite sure the amazing A-4 could have handled an exocet on the centerline.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Douglas A-4T for FN
« Last post by Archibald on Today at 12:21:34 pm »
The A-4T would have been an excellent match for the diminutive size of the Foch and Clémenceau carriers.  Thankfully, a more nuanced policy has since been gaining traction, with renewed NATO cooperation.  Who could have ever imagined Hawkeye platforms on a French carrier back in those days?  Sacrebleu!

Dear idiot, France got his nuclear bomb by itself, and not by stealing any secret. Also, thanks to Dan Inbox for his balanced answer (which mine is not, obviously)
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Aircraft by Sergei Pavlovich Korolyev
« Last post by hesham on Today at 09:14:46 am »
From a Russian book about Korolyev.
Thank you for the Info Platt-LePage,

and is there any chance to know PL-2,PL-5,PL-6 & PL-10 ?,and thanks.
There were a couple of articles from 1936 where Dr. LePage talked about this concept.

LePage became an advocate of the lateral tandem by 1937, and would remain an advocate of the lateral tandem, until the end of his life.

Haviland Platt had a pair of novel single rotor helicopter designs during WW-2 that had no tail rotor, which used a counter balance vane, but the U.S. govt. would not allow Platt-LePage to divert any resources from the XR-1 / XR-1A / YR-1A program.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Aerotec four seat project
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:33:11 am »
Air Enthusiast.
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