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Incredible? Thanks for sharing.
But whatever the reason for going with contra props, it seems a silly choice to combine them with an offset asymmetric layout like this. No? Switching the cockpit and front engine over would seem like a much more sensible solution.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Swedish 'Isaacson' Asymetric fighter?
« Last post by Richard N on Today at 01:50:02 am »
The use of contra-rotating props here is to get twice as much blade area in a limited diameter.  To get the same prop blade area in a single prop, the diameter would have to be larger or the number of blades would have to double.  You can't get much more diameter without moving the nacelle farther from the fuselage and more than 4 blades wasn't done back then.
Whether it's fake or not. Don't contra props rather make the asymmetric offset engine layout less useful? Part of why the BV141's layout works is that it provides a natural counter to the engines torque.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Archives contact at Agusta Westland?
« Last post by Hood on Today at 01:22:51 am »
It still seems impossible to get anything from them.
Army Projects / Re: South African prototypes, projects, concepts, etc.
« Last post by Herman on Today at 12:04:13 am »
OK. Thanks for the info. They are both heavy and expensive. That is one reason why I thought they might not have been used a lot.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Archives contact at Agusta Westland?
« Last post by cluttonfred on Today at 12:02:31 am »
That would be great, thanks.  It's been a few years and I was eventually able to get one report on the P.12 from the British national archives but nothing directly from Westlands as far as I can recall.
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