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Aerospace / Re: KFX Korean Indigenous Fighter programme
« Last post by Mach42 on Today at 08:54:26 am »
Some left out slides due to attachment limit.

Also, to not make a competently content-less double post, here is the projected size/volume of the KF-X's IWBs. (Last Attachment)

The GBU-30 is a typo, we're talking about SDB-1s. I'm guessing (More hoping) that 6 purpose made BVRAAMs with folding fins may fit inside, but I'm not that enthusiastic about the chances.
Aerospace / Re: KFX Korean Indigenous Fighter programme
« Last post by Mach42 on Today at 08:46:39 am »
KF-X Development continues. The agreed upon strategy of 4 Classifications of development item procurement (determined by analysing Technology levels and vendor interest) continues.
  • Complete Korean Development and Production
  • Korean Development (Korean IP) with Foreign Technical Assistance
  • Korean Licensed Production (Non-Korean IP) of Foreign Systems
  • Direct Import of Foreign Products

The latest iteration of the KF-X is the C107 design which has lots of little aerodynamic improvements and has gone to F-22 style vertical tails over the previous F-35 style ones. (The nose IRST is also a big change)

Further images @ this blog:
Aerospace / Re: General Atomics P46 'Avenger' UAV (Predator C)
« Last post by TomcatViP on Today at 08:44:01 am »
Too good, too far, too early.
Generally a LM'Skunk Works syndrome* ;)

*Quick quick, a double shot of Airbus green matter!
The Bar / Re: Nostalgia is not what it used to be
« Last post by Deltafan on Today at 07:46:01 am »

as a teenager, I was dreaming of Science Fiction, reading a lot of SF comics and books, and I was interested in history too (WW2 in particular).

At the end of this teen age, the interest in aviation was coming too. Alas, a medical visit destroyed my dreams. And the hope to work in an helicopter (but not as a pilot) was a little later abrogated by another professional opportunity...

Today, no more SF books, a few SF comics, some SF movies or series, but less and less, only the best (from my point of vue). But the interest in the conquest of Mars and the finding of other liveforms in solar system (even if they are bacteria and even if it's fossile of bacteria) or on exoplanets (for exemple as traces of protein in the atmospher of a planet) is big now (and bigger the older I get...).

Interest in history moved (in particular) to XIXth century (crossing of technologies), later to the crossing between medieval and renaissance times, later too to napoleonic wars and now to crusade times (because of a lot of templar sites near my retired home).

Interest in aviation disappeared during 20 years, but to reborn 20 years ago in history books, models and comics, focusing on futuristic planes of the aviation history and the history of french aviation, in particular from the 30's (I like crossing times of technologies, and I am interested in why french aviation lacked this crossing during the 30's, in particular for the engines).

It seems that, for me, subjects of Nostalgia did not change a lot, but moved from dreaming times to (attempts to) understanding times ;)

Alas, today, apart SF, nobody in the family is or was interested in these things.
Maybe the little children of my nephews, when they will be teenagers and when they'll see all my History and aviation books, will have a nostalgia fiber... :)
Aerospace / Re: Flying Mathematicians in WW1
« Last post by Schneiderman on Today at 06:58:28 am »
Thanks for posting the link. Far too often the work of the many scientists and mathematicians linked to the RAE and NPL is dismissed as 'theoretical' and somehow of less value than that of the staff in industry, regretably occasionally by the designers and engineers themselves. In truth they did much to aid in the development of aviation, providing essential support, new ideas and advice.
Aerospace / Re: Zephyr HALE UAV
« Last post by Reaper on Today at 06:45:37 am »
I read about Solar Impulse and the day-night mission profile to store energy in batteries and through ascending to higher altitudes during the day and gliding down in the night (using potential energy). Does Zephyr do it the same way?
Aerospace / Re: General Atomics P46 'Avenger' UAV (Predator C)
« Last post by red admiral on Today at 06:32:05 am »
Avenger is slow burning for a reason. It appears to be more expensive and worse than Reaper, apart from being a bit faster, which probably has minimal impact on operational capability. Seems quite niche.

That said, you can probably sell it to some countires on the sole basis that it looks stealthy.
Aerospace / Re: DARPA Long Range Anti-ship Missile (LRASM)
« Last post by bring_it_on on Today at 04:45:32 am »
What are the chances that we will see usn use lrasm used from mk41 vls by 2022 or so?

Looks unlikely. The OASuW Increment 2 will now address air launched requirements only. It is likely that the US Navy will continue to fund the Tomahawk seeker upgrade for the early 2020s and use it for anti-ship purposes until the Next Generation Land Attack Weapon is developed.
A fascinating subject.
The drawings in the other thread are not that different from the CVA01.
An Anglo French carrier force in the 70s based on a joint design with AFVGs would have been quite a prize.
Perhaps if Heath had taken over from Macmillan in 1963 and
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