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If a 747 couldn't do it with it's payload, and a chemical laser, I'm skeptical of a UAV with a SSL having better luck.  Consider how large the turret on the front of the ABL was.

I would hope technology had moved on some in the intervening decades.

The laws of physics are still the same.

Also you would appear to be accusing the MDA of putting out nonsense RFP?

I didn't accuse anybody of anything.  If I did, show me where.
I was going to chime in here, we are talking about a system that was genuinely promising 15 years ago. Part of the problem was simply impracticallity of flying chrome dome style missions on tier one threats borders in a flying radar reflector, they weren't practical, it wasn't just the laser..

If you can get survivability and the chance to get closer to the missile without having to run CAPs and have loads of these things with 15 years worth of advances in laserv tech (more like a quarter century by the time they roll it out), I don't see a major flaw, SSL it chemically pumped.

Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 04:54:37 am »
SpaceX will try for a third launch for the Falcon 9 rocket this time from Cape Canaveral in under a week, according to Spaceflight Now,
North American Rockwell registered a near identical patent in 1968, related to their FX design.

This is for the FX that resulted in F-15? I'd be surprised if they were considering reducing RCS that far back.

You may have heard of this beast:

The losing competitor:

Both had features ahead of their time that appear right at home on today's stealth aircraft.  I am QUITE certain they were working on reducing RCS that far back.

The SR-71A did have an early form of RAM on the leading edges of the wings and on the chines, I did hear a rumor years back that if you hit a table with one of those RAM wedges the table would get a dent and there would be no damage to the wedge.
Aerospace / Re: AIRBUS RACER / Clean Sky2 LifeRCraft Demonstrator
« Last post by yasotay on Today at 04:36:25 am »
Brilliant photographs!  Thank you for sharing.
OATK's 30mm airburst rounds in action.

A different video with more details.

Space Projects / Re: SpaceX Heavy
« Last post by TomS on Today at 03:18:06 am »
That's what I get for posting late at night.

Per Space Intel Report, STP-2 is now the second 2018 flight, which will actually be the third Falcon Heavy mission.  I'd missed a couple of the payloads and thought it was just the COSMIC cluster and some nanosats, which could have been a ride-along on another launch.  On its face, STP-2 isn't that heavy but the DSX is going to MEO, so that might require extra boost.
Military / Re: US Prompt Global Strike Capability
« Last post by phrenzy on Today at 03:17:11 am »
Let's hope they pick a few platforms and stick to it. A little ove too many platforms and we get a a dozen paper airplanes and weapons and nothing to promptly strike anything.

From what I can tell though and from conversations with better versed technical minds than I'm in possession of, it would seem that they have cracked SCRAM engines across a wide portion of the flight envelope. For weddings it's almost Taylor made, for platforms combined RAM/SCRAM with something to inject it into minimum operating environments, whether it be RATO/air drop out just plain jet engines.
Here's black horse:

I'm printing and binding a number of papers, when I get the BLACK HORSE paper I mentioned specifically unless onetyer I can't find has been created.

I will get to that paideir eventually, but I'm trying to go methodically through things and printing and building my old stuff so you'll have to bare with me, my budget can only take so much.

Hope this gets a few neurones ticking over. Anyone who has BLACK HORSE info outside of the AIAA paper mentioned I'd be very interested in. Looking at military access to dodge around this time might help me crack COPPER CANYON and it's two buddies.
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