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While valid, the economic reasons likely play second fiddle to the fact that anything even remotely related to the history of the Soviet gulag system is currently considered ah, inconvenient by the Russian government.
Dear Brontolino,
I bought a couple of volume of the serie "Gente dell'Aria" and they are very nice books.
Evangelisti describes a lot of histories about famous and not know italian designer.
I cannot help you wih the index because I have only the first and the 4th volume, but I'll try to complete the opera!
For your help, however, I can say that the books follow an alphabetical order describing the story of one deisgner at time with a lot of good pics and some 3-views.
I appreciate very much that the opera describe very well all projects, or aircraft mentioned with full of details.
Seems to me the most reasonable explanation why such things would be buried or hauled off is that they are simply not worth keeping. They appear to be hazardous (rusty metal, risk of collapse, etc.) and as your photos show, people seem to wander off with bits of them. If the Russian economy was doing fabulously better, perhaps the government would have the money to turn every last rusty artifact into a proper memorial, but what with the invasion and annexation of eastern Ukraine and the over-reliance on oil for revenue, Russia seems to be short on funds just now.
This one looks interesting. Amazon states will be published next month.
Hi, I'm interested to buy some books (probably volume 3, 4, 5) of the serie Gente dell'Aria. I search on the net opinion and an index of the 9 books published but found nothing. Can anyone tell his opinion about these books and possibly post an index .

                Thank You
The third memorial was destroyed in the summer of 2016. A park of old steam locomotives at the station Bologna, between Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In 2014 at the station I saw 4 locomotives and Stalin's echelon of the Gulag. In 2016 they disappeared.
A unique arch for the locomotive route. Water-conducting arch in the village of Pivan, opposite the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The road to this arch is now prohibited.
Most welcome. Glad you liked it.

Is there something specific you took from the article?
Do you have Friedman's book?
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Fighters over the Fleet by Norman Friedman
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Interesting read Bruno Anthony
Thank you!

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