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The book is very impressive - thank you, dear JC Carbonel, for it!
Tridan, with it's futuristic shape and advanced conception deserve such comprehensive and well-illustrated publication.

Slightly off topic... Are there any solutions and decisions, made in Trident design and development, later implemented in the next generations of mass-produced French aircraft?

Thank you for the nice comments.

the two next 2017 books should be :
 - le Nord 500 et les hélices carénées chez Nord-Aviation (very project-orientated)
 - US Navy "Blimps" in WW2 and beyond (not much in term of projects)

My copy arrived today - a really well-illustrated publication!

What will be your next book (except for SPF volume II)? Can you give us a little foretaste of what is to come?
I posted this under a separate N-63 category.  My second of the Zichek model series. This one has a retractable tail cone that is spring actuated and recesses when you place the model on it's tail and extends when the weight is removed. 8 ball point pen springs facilitate this neat feature. All of the mount points are machined brass. One of my favs. I'm sure the designers were on something...............

Never mentioned it, but we do commission work of any proposal models. This ONE MINE THOUGH..........
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: New Book Dassault Prototype
« Last post by JC Carbonel on February 12, 2017, 02:56:25 am »
I bought it as soon as it appeared as I was well aware of the trouble in which was H&C. And I think it was a good move as I have not seen it again (and then I had to get it from the shop Rue de Rennes which is not specialized in aviation but in cars because I did not see it in the Maison du Livre d'Aviation

The book is now here and should soon be available "from all good bookshops".


Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: New Book Dassault Prototype
« Last post by Krishna_j on February 10, 2017, 07:02:07 pm »
i heard from a source it will bbe available in France in another 10 days or so - so fingers crossed
In Japan, sold out now. :'(
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: FlyPast
« Last post by XP67_Moonbat on February 09, 2017, 08:15:16 pm »
Well I won't be seeing that for a while. Lol
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: FlyPast
« Last post by FighterJock on February 09, 2017, 01:32:01 pm »
Can't wait, going to get my copy tomorrow.  :)  B)
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