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Hi! Tu-134 SST.

Model pictures by Triton-san.,3126.30.html

"This early 60-s project aircraft was under development in department of S.Eger in OKB Tupolev.Based on bomber project Tu-106 with two NK6 engines." 

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Wilhelm Schult flying wings
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:27:09 am »
My dear Jemiba,

the Wilhelm F. Schult was a well known designer,is that suitable to put it here or
Early Aircraft Projects section,specially after I found this link about him,(just question),
and here it's;

DONE !    ;)
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Various post-war Yakovlev (Yak) projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:18:28 am »
Nice work Zizi.
Several options for preliminary designs of OKB-115, the first jet fighter with the engine JUMO-004, before finally was chosen scheme Yak-RD / Yak-15.
(from : N.Yakubovich-"Jet firstborn")

Hi! Another beauty Yak-140. She had bicycle type landing gear.(For light weight realization?)

"The prototype was completed in December 1954 and it passed all the necessary ground tests by 10 February 1955 when it was cleared to begin flight trials. However, MAP (Ministerstvo Aviatsionnoy Promyshlennosti—the Ministry of Aviation Industry) denied Yakovlev authorization to begin flight tests as it favored competing designs from Sukhoi and Mikoyan-Gurevich. A Council of Ministers directive was issued on 28 March 1956 to terminate the program and the corresponding MAP order followed on 6 April."  As usual....... ???

Russian site.
"Of further interest to the Yak-140 is the fact that the light frontline fighter could easily compete with the well-known MiG-21.

 Performance: vertical speed at the ground of 200 m / s and at an altitude of 15,000 m - 30 m / s. with; ceiling of more than 18,000 m, and the maximum speed at altitudes of 10,000-15,000 meters reaches 1700 km / h with its low wing loading and high thrust-weight ratio, lightweight fighter has excellent maneuverability both in the vertical and horizontal planes. 

 Yak-140 had different phenomenal for the time thrust-weight ratio, which is estimated to be slightly more than 1 (!), Which corresponds to the performance of modern fighter aircraft F-15, F-16, MiG-29 or Su-27.  For comparison, the figure in the MiG-21F (1958) was 0.84, while the F- 104A - 0,83.  This thrust-weight ratio combined with a relatively low thermal load on the wing would ensure the Yak-140 absolute advantage in air combat maneuvering.  It is significant that modern fighter aircraft designed for the air superiority, different priorities in these qualities. "
Naval Projects / Re: Swimmer Delivery Vehicle projects, old and new
« Last post by covert_shores on Yesterday at 11:02:51 pm »

Another Turkish SDV 2 man "Sualti Intikal Araci"  basically means SDV not a generic name, Bodrum based organisation SUTA.

It is probably tested, it is not known if ever Turkish Navy procured.
after some digging and analysis I know think that this design is indeed a distinct Turkish family. Likeness to the 'unknown' French type is coincidental.
Hi! R-1 Beriev original model. Engine nacelle shape is little different from actually built R-1.
Which one is R-2? ??? Top picture looks like Saunders-Roe SR.A/1.

(The "Foghorn" picture was removed, as it is a "What-If" and clearly labelled as "not real"
And Skyblazer actually may have used the SR.A/1 as the basis for his picture  ;) )
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