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Early Aircraft Projects / What the heck is this?
« Last post by windswords on Today at 04:25:40 pm »
(note: Not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this. If not please move it to the appropriate one.)

I was looking up images on the web for the Kugisho/Yokosuka MXY5 glider when I found this:

The caption says it is a "Japanese Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka rocket powered kamikaze attack plane at Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, Texas USA"

But I know it is not. It looks like a simple bomb with wings and a cockpit. This can't be real, can it?  ??? But then why would it be at museum?  :o

The Triple Target Terminator (T3) program incorporates an air-breathing ram-jet engine into a rocket boosted missile. This hybrid mode propulsion system multiplies the effective range and lethality of this conventional missile against three types of targets. Though the technology involved isn’t as high risk as that of HTV-2, the DARPA-hard problem lies in making it fit into an existing missile form factor. To ensure that this technology was relevant to the warfighter and would see the field before it was obsolete, a key design trait was chosen to make it fit on all existing fighter aircraft with no modifications. This practical design trait ensures proliferation, decreases time-to-field, and enables a seamless transition to procurement. Such practical design traits are as essential to system effectiveness as the technological traits.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Equator aircraft
« Last post by Jemiba on Today at 12:20:01 pm »
Maybe it's interesting to get to know, what became of prototypes are ?
Yesterday on the area of the Flughafenmuseum Cottbus (Airport Museum Cottbus), I saw quite a
strange aircraft tail, that emerged as the derelict fuselage of the Pöschel P-300 Equator prototype.
It was the only prototype with this layout and made its maiden flight in 1971. After problems with the
transmission and the propeller, which was positioned in the tail fin, it was abandoned in 1975.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Lockheed PRC-105
« Last post by hesham on Today at 09:16:46 am »
My impression of the PRC-105 is that it would have been a stretched P-3 Orion with five-abreast seating to replace the Il-18 in the Chinese market.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Grokhovski early WIG Project of 1932
« Last post by hesham on Today at 08:52:34 am »
In colors.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Nikitin- Shevchenko VG Designs
« Last post by hesham on Today at 08:51:23 am »
From; Козырев - Авиация Красной Армии (Москва, 2011)

was that a real artist drawing to IS-3,or a misprint ?.
"Development [of the Mi-14] was slowed by problems with the helicopter's avionics and due to reliability problems with the TV3-117 engines, with production at Kazan not starting until 1973, and the helicopter (now designated Mi-14) entering service on 11 May 1976"

Throw in a few years for delays in information gathering given the relatively low production rate?

Interestingly, they do not state whether they supplied propulsion to Raytheon's T3 design.

In their 2012 SEC filing, they list both Boeing and Raytheon as their T3 primary customers. It appears that Raytheon's design for the T3 did not advance through flight testing and hence its omission as a primary customer in subsequent filings.

Also, Solicitation on the flight test and integration work :-

The Air Armament Center, Advanced Programs Division, Advanced Projects Branch, Eglin AFB, FL 32542, intends to award a sole source contract to Boeing Inc. for aircraft/interface data in support of the Triple Target Terminator (T3) demonstration. This effort will provide potential T3 contractors: Boeing Defense, Space and Security Weapons; and Raytheon Missile Systems with aircraft integration expertise and data which will facilitate design, development, test, qualification, and safety certification for a flight test demonstration on the F-15C or F-15E aircraft. Information gathered by T3 contractors will be used to develop and evaluate missile configurations that could provide required system performance and satisfy compatibility with the F-15 C F-15E weapons stations.

This effort will be conducted in three phases. For Phase I, Boeing, Inc. will conduct a feasibility study which examines options, analyzes iterative airframe configurations, performs high level impact assessments and defines and/or estimates tasks for Phase II. Under Phase II, Boeing, Inc. will perform detailed Air System impact assessments, identify risks, recommend mitigations, and develop initial planning and estimates for Phase III. Phase III will require Boeing, Inc to implement full-scale integration and certification of the T3 for launch from the F-15C or F-15E aircraft.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various pre-war Soviet projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 06:01:25 am »

there was a Project developed from Lisunov PS-84 with five canons and could carry a 500 kg
of bomb load in 1936,never materialized.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: German Independent Designers
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:50:21 am »

does anyone hear about Hüttner steam-powered airplane of 1933 ?,never completed.
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