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This is for the strike weapon. The Air to Air program study that they are funding is referenced on the previous page.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Dassault Etendard Prototypes and Projects
« Last post by Petrus on Today at 01:42:26 pm »
Here is the early drawing to Dassault Etendard VI (formally Mystere XXVI)

If I am not mistaken the drawing of the early variant of Mystere XXVI project comes from Jean Cuny's "Les Avions de Combat Francaise" (which I unfortunately do not have). Elsewhere on the Internet I've found a scan of the page from that book with this drawing. The 'design initiale' of Mystere XXVI seems very interesting: its armament is apparently not mounted in a bay behind its cockpit (as in the actually built prototype) but instead the guns (two cannon?) are placed in its nose. My impression is it seems that the nose could have been detached and replaced with a nose containing recce cameras.
So I wonder what Cuny has written on the early version of the project in his book. Any input would be appreciated.

I like the aircraft advertisements from the 1930s; the artists happily taking liberties with the subject, 'enhancing' the aerodynamics, removing pesky air intakes, aerials and other impedimenta, distorting the dimensions, and generally ignoring reality. This view of the Blackburn Skua is fairly typical of the genre
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: What the heck is this?
« Last post by lark on Today at 01:31:29 pm »
Looking the rather simple support,its perhaps a glass fibre construction
in an attempt to represent the Ohka..
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: What the heck is this?
« Last post by shaba on Today at 01:25:07 pm »
it looks like early allied interruptions in recognition books which were probably based on eyewitness reports
Here a colour drawing of the DF-113 by the artist Rob Parthoens at
Rob did also some artwork for Scott Lowther aka Orionblamblam.
Naval Projects / Chinese semi submersible arsenal ship
« Last post by collins355 on Today at 12:44:22 pm »
Lots of chatter over the last few days about a newly revealed Chinese R&D project that may be moving ahead for a semi-submersible high speed arsenal ship.
The Bar / Re: 360 degree Attack Helicopter Ride Through Mosul
« Last post by GTX on Today at 11:59:43 am » you want to check that link?  I do like the Scottish street music but I don't think it is want you meant to post. :)
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Polikarpov I-16 - origins and development
« Last post by hesham on Today at 10:57:53 am »
Many thanks to you Iverson.
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