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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Armstrong Whitworth AW.56
« Last post by hesham on Today at 01:05:26 pm »
A good view to AW.56.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Early Supermarine Attacker
« Last post by Schneiderman on Today at 12:53:48 pm »
39200 sht116 is the Vickers-Armstrong Supermarine drawing number
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Airbus A340 Super Transporter concepts
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 12:46:00 pm »

also a designer call Mr. Bostan,which created a circle-wing airplane,does anyone know it ?.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Early Supermarine Attacker
« Last post by Petrus on Today at 11:40:16 am »
This drawing (39200 116)

What is a source of this drawing?

Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: VTOL On Demand Mobility
« Last post by Reaper on Today at 11:25:47 am »
Check the Uber Elevate Summit on live stream:

Highlights so far
Aurora Flight Sciences showed a 1/4 scale Personal Air Vehicle Prototype that they flight tested (incl. transition)

User Artwork / Re: Russian sixth-generation concept fighter
« Last post by ikke666 on Today at 10:44:52 am »

great renderings :-) love it!!!
The Bar / Secret Projects job!
« Last post by Harrier on Today at 09:55:44 am »
I have a permanent research position that would suit someone with a good historical and technical knowledge of the projects this forum focuses on:

You don't have to be a STOVL nut, just know your stuff and have ideas for the future.
Space Projects / Re: Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) initiative
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 09:52:46 am »
This video looks at recent facility developments at KSC including both commercial and SLS activities.

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