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Just finished mine. It's a great book with some beautiful photos. There are some unknown terms to me and the odd minor mistake -
 Julian Lake commanded VF-74 not Julian Gray . There's lots of information on the ejection seat problems (scandal?) and the whole rebuild/rework saga tells us that the F-35 programme's travails are nothing new.
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: US Bomber Projects: latest issue
« Last post by fightingirish on May 21, 2017, 09:09:21 am »
Both just bought!!!

Dear Scott and Rob,
keep up the good work!

Bookshelf & Marketplace / US Bomber Projects: latest issue
« Last post by Orionblamblam on May 21, 2017, 08:56:31 am »
Issue #19 is now available, featuring color artwork by Rob Parthoens.

#19 includes:

    Early Atlas Concept: Parallel Staged Missile: three-bodied concept leadign to the Atls ICBM
    Lockheed L-286-665: A supersonic nuclear powered design
    Consolidated XA-44 Model 112: a three-engined forward-swept jet
    Convair Pilotless Airplane I-40: a TV & radar guided missile
    Martin Model 151-J: A late pre-war design
    Boeing Model 464-79-0: a long-span B-52 with floating wingtips
    Lockheed-Martin VS-07: A recent stealthy variable geometry concept
    Boeing Model 724-15: Boeings first giant competitor for the B-70

That's not a question for an author my dear ! I would love to see my books translated in as many languages as possible. But that depends on publishers, not on authors. The best I could do is to insist to have English captions in Artipresse books.

Is there any chance of this one or your other books being fully translated into English?
Thank you for this review.

I just received the book today direct from Artipresse (in less than a week with the cheapest shipping option, France to USA - pretty amazing service!) and I must say that it is an outstanding book in every way. Copious photos and illustrations throughout of this experimental aircraft, including preliminary studies and unbuilt successors. Excellent scale drawings highlighting the differences between the various prototypes. Surprising number of color photos and artwork. Laminated hardcover with glossy paper. I think I like this more than French Secret Projects Vol. 1, and I loved that book! Hats off to Mr. Carbonel and his associates for producing such a beautiful volume on this '50s French classic!
What was this aircraft ?,and from which company,I can't see well.
Many thanks for the good comments, for reading!

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