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Naval Projects / Re: Unbuilt Type-XXIX u-boat
« Last post by huckebein on Today at 06:42:08 am »
I have been working on a 3d model of this boat for some time.
I always interpreted the rear end as having a cort nozzle.
I guess this was wishful thinking.
This simplifies things a bit. :D
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Yatsyenko DI.5
« Last post by hesham on Today at 06:39:13 am »

the variants of Yatsyenko I-28 is I-28-1,I-28-2,I-282 & I-287.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Brazilian Little Known Helicopter Projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 06:33:21 am »

in a report about Brazilian helicopter Projects; Engenharia de Helicópteros no Brasil: Introdução e Histórico,
there was an attack helicopter of 1985/87 called CTA Heliat or Heliatic,and a light helicopter called AlphaOne.
Missile Projects / Re: THAAD Development
« Last post by bring_it_on on Today at 06:22:22 am »
From the FY18 Budget Request :

$230.2 million for BMD Terminal Defense (PE 0603881C), THAAD development eff orts.
MDA will continue development of THAAD software upgrades such as implementation of
fl exible threat packages and defense planning, improved capability to engage SRBM, MRBM
and limited IRBM threats, and integration of the THAAD batt ery capability into the Integrated
Air and Missile Defense Batt le Command System (IBCS) planning process.

$36.2 million for Terminal Defense Testing (PE 0604876C). In FY 2018, THAAD will conduct
Flight Test Other-35 (FTX-35), a ballistic missile tracking test to prove THAAD software build
3.0 and test X86 AN/TPY-2 radar confi guration with a THAAD Batt ery. THAAD will participate
in Flight Test Other -36 (FTX-36), a ballistic missile tracking test, to demonstrate interoperability
between THAAD and PATRIOT. THAAD will also begin pre-mission planning for (FTO-03 E2)
to be executed in FY 2019.

$451.6 million to continue procurement of THAAD equipment, including 34 THAAD
interceptors in FY 2018. By the end of FY 2018, MDA will deliver 52 additional THAAD
interceptors to the U.S. Army, for a total of 210 interceptors delivered. MDA received an
incremental production decision in the 4th Quarter FY2016 for THAAD authorizing continued
production of at least 79 additional interceptors through FY 2020.

$78.8 million of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funding to support the maintenance
and upkeep of all BMDS unique items of the fi elded THAAD batt eries as well as for all THAAD
training devices. In FY 2018 MDA will provide support to seven THAAD batt eries.

MDA requests $213.5 million to
develop advanced discrimination
algorithms for the AN/TPY-2,
Cobra Dane, Sea Based X-Band,
and the UEWR radars to
counter evolving threats. The
discrimination improvement
effort will develop and fi eld integrated Element capabilities to improve BMDS ability to
discriminate between lethal and non-lethal objects. In FY 2018, MDA will transition to production
of next generation Gallium Nitride (GaN) Transmit/Receive Integrated Multichannel Modules
(TRIMMs) to support the AN/TPY-2 sparing strategy and improve radar performance. $10 million
is budgeted for Gallium Nitride transition.

In FY 2018, MDA will increase Hypersonic Defense systems engineering activities, technology
demonstrations, and risk reduction, as a continuation of FY 2017 Department of Defense eff orts
to address weapons technologies to defeat advanced threats. Activities will include completion
of a Defense against Hypersonic Threats AoA, capability roadmap development, and initial
investment in sensor technology demonstrations and weapon concepts to address the advanced
threat. MDA will leverage existing sensors and ground infrastructure/Command and Control to quickly demonstrate and deploy a
three-phase limited contingency capability
to provide real-time warning over the
majority of the hypersonic threat profi le by
2019. MDA is requesting $75.3 million for
Hypersonic Defense activities in FY 2018,
(PE 0604181C).
MDA’s budget request puts a priority
on cybersecurity operations. MDA will
train, educate, develop and grow MDA’s
cybersecurity workforce to support
the mission....
New Chariot Mk.II article including unbuilt versions and experimental versions.

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Ca- 183bis
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 03:00:34 pm »
This comes from the Caproni technical description brochure. BTW, this was the bis version, with the Campini-like engine. There was a Ca-183 with a traditional engine (inline) adapted to high altitude, but no drawing, for now. Look at it as a competitor in the informal contest for a high altitude interceptor in 1942-1943. If interested, I have truckloads of technical data. Enjoy

Hello Skybolt, I am highly interested in the Ca.183bis and would like to know if you would be willing to share your 'truckloads of technical data'.

Here is some technical data;
Naval Projects / Re: German Midget submarines
« Last post by covert_shores on Yesterday at 12:51:35 pm »
I have a research related question, what would be best source be (Online or offline.) for the numbering used on the various K-Verband submarines?
hull numbers?
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Ca- 183bis
« Last post by blockhaj on Yesterday at 12:28:36 pm »
Me too that info would be really interesting and also useful for some of my future projects.
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