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Aerospace / Re: Leonardo M-346 FA
« Last post by kaiserd on Today at 04:08:40 pm »

Would it not be best for Brazil to buy at least a single squadron of the M-346 FA to compliment AMX?


To clarify, the AMX was a joint Italy/ Brazil project.
The M-346 is not and has no apparent connection to Brazil.
The Bar / Interesting info on USAF B-52 re engine studies
« Last post by Pioneer on Today at 03:47:14 pm »
I have endlessly banged my head as to why the USAF has never upgraded it's venerable B-52 fleet with modern fuel efficient turbofan engines.
Sure I'm aware that numerous solicited and non solicited attempts have been made over the long life and operation of the BUFF; but here is an interesting examination and explanation of why non of these programs have come to fruition.

P.S. the robo narration is extremely painful, but the information and footage is great - in my opinion.


fuel's energy density gives you what guns want and the only thing they want range.

Rate of fire is important too and gas guns really are challenged on this front.
True very rapid fire is an EMRG, which seems never to t be mentioned as part of news releases so appears no to be a goal. However the fully function testing USN 60mm rapid fire ETC gun from the 90s has been all over this thread.

10 rounds per minute @ 32 MJ per shot mentioned in the video above after timestamp 1:48.
the ETC is pretty compact gun.  So compact it could be mounted on a AC-130 follow-on providing an unprecedented capability from CAS to air sup to missile defense.
Designation Systems / Re: Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH.
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Today at 03:15:20 pm »
Focke-Wulf presented its twin-boom jet fighter design to third parties in February 1944 as the Baubeschreibung Nr. 272 Einmotoriger TL-Jäger mit R-Gerät, and later in July 1944 as Baubeschreibung Nr. 280 Einmotoriger TL-Jäger mit R-Gerät. But I was mistaken when I stated in Luftwaffe: Secret Jets and on this forum that no period document ever refers to it as the Flitzer. After several years of searching, I have recently discovered a set of internal company memos which make reference to 'Flitzer' or 'Projekt Flitzer' and are clearly referring to that single-jet design. These date from around May 1944 to September 1944.
The Nr. 272 report was dated February 1944 but memos earlier than May 1944 don't seem to use 'Flitzer'.

A bit of a change in direction from my above last posts - this time something more on the Cheetah C-RAM missile, currently being developed.

I assume it will work on the CLOS/Semi-CLOS principle (very cost effective and simple), although I could be wrong here. pictured is both the mock-up missile, as well as a scale model depicting it's deployment layout in conjunction with the Oerlikon Skyshield radar and 35mm (upgraded) guns. The Oerlikon radar usage is to both keep costs down and to increase potential client opportunities.

I actually do have the brochure somewhere, but seem to have mislaid it and a whole pile of the newer stuff I collected at AAD 2016... As soon as I find it, I will scan and post it too.

There is a call for a cheap type C-RAM system, in terms of our many deployments up in Africa as part of various U.N. forces. The U.N. camps are often located near to towns and cities, where every now and again mortar or other light weapons are fired into the camps at night, from positions within the surrounding civilian towns or cities. This makes retaliatory fire near impossible, so a system like this to eliminate the threat without causing collateral damage is needed. It should be available for testing in about 2 years time from now.

Let's hope they get it right and well within budget/cost per shot expectations.
What I saw was a model shop ...

What confuzzles me is why they made such a featureless mockup of their rocket. It lacks any of the myriad details that an actual rocket of this scale should have... access panels, rivets, welds, ports for propellants, power, data. It has the detail level I'd expect from a desktop model.
Aerospace / Re: Future Combat Air System (FCAS)
« Last post by Harrier on Today at 01:20:20 pm »
Chris Lee has done his lecture on Taranis aerodynamics a few times now, which is a masterpiece in saying nothing.

How much could be said on the aerodynamics of a subsonic non manoeuvring drone anyway? "Keep. The. Flow. Attached."?
Aerospace / Re: Future Combat Air System (FCAS)
« Last post by mrmalaya on Today at 12:50:38 pm »
Well hopefully there is still scope for it to look a bit more refined than the Dassault imagery suggests. That is depicting their original design from a few years ago anyway.

Aerospace / Re: Future Combat Air System (FCAS)
« Last post by red admiral on Today at 12:35:23 pm »
When did you last hear or see anything on the UK work?

Yes the MoD doesn't brief journalists or allow Industry to, beyond agreed things, as there's no benefit in doing so. This doesn't mean that nothing is happening.

Chris Lee has done his lecture on Taranis aerodynamics a few times now, which is a masterpiece in saying nothing.
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