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Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber
« Last post by bring_it_on on Today at 09:25:06 am »
Goldfein: Air Force to roll out updated bomber roadmap in September

The Air Force expects to unveil an updated bomber roadmap in September that will detail future bomber force-structure needs and identify the new B-21 Raider's role in that future fleet.

Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said Wednesday the service is in the midst of "aggressive dialogue" with Congress over its initial proposal for how the bomber fleet will shift to make room for the B-21 when it begins fielding in the mid 2020s.

"We're in the process of doing something that we've been accused in the past of not doing very well, and that is including Congress in the dialogue about where we're going," Goldfein said during a July 26 Air Force Association event on Capitol Hill. "And so we've been socializing this and in September, our current game plan is to roll out a bomber roadmap for the future."

The updated roadmap, which Air Force Global Strike Command chief Gen. Robin Rand has called a "bomber vector," will include feedback from Congress, Goldfein added.

Goldfein told lawmakers in June the new roadmap currently indicates the service will need at least 100 B-21s -- a requirement that could grow -- and a total fleet of 165 bombers to operate in the 2030 threat environment. The Air Force currently has 76 B-52s, 20 B-2s and 62 B-1s.

Speaking to reporters after the event, Goldfein said the service is still working to update a similar roadmap for combat aircraft. Asked how many combat jets the service needs, Goldfein said that requirement would be informed by the recently completed National Military Strategy and the ongoing Defense Strategic Review.

"Out of that Defense Strategic Review will be, 'Here's what this force needs to look like to most effectively operate,'" Goldfein said. "For me to give you a number right now before that strategic review is complete would be inappropriate."

Senate authorizers are calling for more details on the service's aircraft inventory requirement in the 2030 time frame in their version of 2018 defense policy legislation. The bill proposes the department conduct three independent studies of future force-structure needs -- one led by the Air Force, one by a federally funded research and development center and a third by an independent, non-government institute with national security expertise.

Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek told reporters in June the Air Force's current requirement is for 1,350 combat-coded fighter jets, which equates to 2,100 total aircraft inventory. The fiscal year 2018 budget request supports 1,175 combat fighters, which meets minimum requirements set in Defense Planning Guidance, Stefanek said.
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Aviation magazines English vs. French
« Last post by gatoraptor on Today at 09:19:34 am »
recycled old stuff wrapped in sumptuous presentation.

Good way of putting it.  Still, I enjoyed it and have every issue (along with World Air Power Journal and International Air Power Review).  Wish it was still in production.
Larry Jerram-Croft, Bog Hammer, 2014

United Kingdom

HMS Prometheus
Leander Class
Details as per the members of the class given the Batch 3 Exocet/Seawolf conversion.
Note: Also appears in the novel 'Sea Skimmer'.

RFA Tidepool (A76)
Tide Class Replenishment Oiler
Real ship, details as in service.
Note: In real life the ship was sold to Chile in 1982. In the novel she is still in British service as of 1988. Later on in the novel the same ship is referred to as RFA Tidespring (A75), which was retained in British service until 1991.

United States

USS Sacagawea (CG-??)
Ticonderoga Class Cruiser
Details as per the real ships.
Note: The author refers to the ship as a 'Ticonderoga Class Aegis Destroyer' in the novel. At the time the story is set the name was not used by any US Warship. The last ship to bear the name was a navy tugboat (USS Sacagawea (YT-326)) sold overseas in 1946. The most recent ship to bear the name was the second ship (USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2)) of the Lewis and Clark Class of dry cargo ships launched in 2006. The name does not fit with the scheme chosen for the Ticonderoga Class, which is famous American battles.


MV Irinda
Armed Merchant Ship
Converted Bulk Grain Carrier
Speed: 20 knots.
Armament: 1 x 105mm gun concealed in fore-most hold. 1 x nuclear (The warhead was supplied by Pakistan.) tipped HWASONG-6 (North Korean SCUD copy.) missile concealed in the after-most hold. Crew has various hand held weapons including rocket propelled grenades.
Note: Stolen from Iraq. Armament installed by Iran.

Frigate, class not specified (Most likely a member of the Alvand Class.)
Armament as per the real ships, save the anti-ship missiles are four stern mounted Exocet missiles rather than 5x Sea Killer Mk2s (as built) or 4x  CS-802s (as upgraded in the 1990s) .
Other details as per the real ships.

Several Boghammar High Speed Patrol Boats
Details as per the real ships.
Note: Ships of this type are operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, rather than the Iranian Navy.


Submarine, class not specified
No other details provided.


Foxtrot Class Submarine
Details as per the real ships.

Plot summary: Some three years after harrowing events of 'Arapaho' (The novel runs 1988 - 1989.), the series hero Jon Hunt has become involved in searching for a leak in the Ministry of Defence while his wife (Met during the events of 'Arapaho'.) earns her wings as a Helicopter Pilot. Desperate for a sea position, opportunity comes with the death of the commander of the ship he served on during the Falklands War.

Note: Quite an interesting story, especially for those who grew up in the 1980s, let down by some editing glitches. This is the fifth novel in the series that begins with 'Sea Skimmer'.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Britten-Norman BN-3 Nymph
« Last post by Mark Nankivil on Today at 09:00:28 am »
Thanks Hood!  Mark
US Army TRADOC Mad Scientist Initiative July 2017
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Lockheed P-38 Lightning Competitors
« Last post by lark on Today at 08:38:58 am »
Great !

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Hughes H-1 Pursuit Variant
« Last post by sienar on Today at 08:17:47 am »
Did anyone here save those two pdf links posted above?

That website is now dead and I can't seem to find the pdfs on any of my hard drives.
The Bar / Dr. Strangelove ?
« Last post by galgot on Today at 08:03:14 am »
Found this beautiful pict on Flikrr :
Can recognize LBJ, JFK, Mc Namara. But please anyone know who is that man just behind JFK's head , with sunglasses and cigarette, look incredibly like Dr.Strangelove.
Also directly in the background, blurred also with sunglasses, could that be Von Braun ?

Btw, it's from that gallery:
The Airvinci is a concept that uses composites and a single overhead ducted prop.
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