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The Bar / Secret Projects job!
« Last post by Harrier on Today at 09:55:44 am »
I have a permanent research position that would suit someone with a good historical and technical knowledge of the projects this forum focuses on:

You don't have to be a STOVL nut, just know your stuff and have ideas for the future.
Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-35: News ONLY topic
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 08:24:46 am »
More news about the F-35 landing in Estonia to conduct exercises.
Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-35: News ONLY topic
« Last post by Dragon029 on Today at 07:43:05 am »
Couple of news items:

The GAO released their latest F-35 program report:

They state they believe that the program won't finish testing until May 2018 and that such a delay would cost $1.7 billion. The GAO also recommends that the Block 4 Follow On Modernisation program shouldn't release an RFP until testing is completed.

The Pentagon disagrees with 2/3 recommendations; the first is that the additional cost and time needed to complete development should be reassessed; the DoD says they've done that comprehensively and stand by their October 2017 / $532m estimate. The second is that the Block 4 FOM RFP should be delayed; the DoD says this would cause undue delays, lead to a capability gap and infer that it might or would increase costs. The third recommendation is that they should finalise the details of DOD and contractor investments associated with an EOQ purchase in FY2018, and submit a report to Congress with the FY 2018 budget request; the DoD agrees, but only partly, as they've already finalised the details and are submitting the report soon.

The second bit of news is that following their arrival in the UK, 2 of the 8 deployed USAF F-35As have deployed further, landing (wearing luneberg lenses) in Estonia / ~200km from Russia's border today:
Aerospace / Re: Iranian Qaher-313 "indigenous fighter jet"
« Last post by Foo Fighter on Today at 06:02:54 am »
Seeing as the standard of entrants for the next Iranian fighter is so high I thought I would add mine to the mix and I will not even charge for my services.  This new fighter is completely autonomous in all regards including a new technology engine that does not need inlets or exhaust.

As there is no need for a pilot there is no need for a computer, all they are good for is playing pong anyway and a pilot should keep their minds on the job rather than high scores.  Also note the new era aerodynamics which take already honed technology to new heights and especially if launched from a high building, sorry, I mean a launching pad, can achieve its terminal velocity without supplementary assistance.  capable of mach 19 when boosted by the eye-on engines which enable lights speeds approaching ouch velocity and only limited by the number first thought of powered by subtly enhanced fruit fuels allowed to mature in decently sized vats until ready for use.

Deny all alternatives, fly the new improved Br 13-S Series 1.  You know it makes sense, and good housing too.
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 05:27:40 am »
SpaceX are preparing to test the rocket (Falcon 9) that is due to launch the classified satellite for the NRO.  According to NASA Spaceflight.
Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 05:20:42 am »
second Boeing T-X fly

The more I look at the Boeing T-X the more I like it, compared to the Lockheed equivalent T-50.
So it seems as if on Sunday indeed it was not a "true" launch: Even if the dry-dock was flooded and there were some PLAN personnel and musicians attending, which have already left the shipyard, the ceremony has ended.

For the moment it seems merely as if they are just checking the vessel over first to see if there are any problems and the ceremony seems more like a token ceremony just to commemorate 23rd April, the PLAN's 68th anniversary and everything else was  perhaps merely a rehearsal, so that the real ceremony with waving flags, fanfare, fireworks and the ship truly leaving the dock will be held another day.

But ... Preparations for the celebration ... Looks like tomorrow will be the day?

No that is the argument most of the people make: It's too hard. Supply base gone. Tooling disappeared. The people that know how to build them are retired. It'll take too long to train pilots.
Of got to say all of the excuses made are tiresome. How have we ever gotten anything done before with this attitude?

Not too mention the USAF is governed by civilian leaders who can simply order the USAF, "No gold plated Raptors." But oh, oops, we misplaced the tooling.
Aerospace / Re: A personal aircraft : Kitty Hawk Flyer
« Last post by Airplane on Today at 04:46:22 am »
A little more detail:

The brain dead and ridiculous FAA wants a pilot's license for the privilege of hovering a handful of feet over your local watering hole.
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