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Aerospace / Re: New version of Antonov An-2 - by Sukhoi company
« Last post by fightingirish on Today at 04:06:51 am »
The first flight of the experimental TVS-2DTS took place on July 10th, 2017.
It appears that General Goldfein is back on track concerning the United States Air Force's opinion of the A-10 Warthog and a new dedicated CAS platform. Air Combat Commandís 2015 strategy document and the discussions of General Herbert J. "Hawk" Carlisle, commander Air Combat Command, of a new dedicated CAS platform were just a bone to throw at the decision makers and the public who objected to the retirement of the A-10 Warthog.

Can't blame them. They are prioritizing and even then can't seem to protect all of their priorities. F-35 rate has taken a hit, The T-X and JSTARS will likely also feel budgetary pressure as may the B-21. In the absence of a significant increase in the budget top line they won't be able to execute the strategy for their priorities leave aside new programs.
Most of the stuff in there was happening anyway- the UAV is Euromale 2025, the Tiger upgrade has been on the books for a while (Tiger 2020 IIRC). The fighter stuff seems to be being driven politically and looks very shallow.
Aerospace / Re: New version of Antonov An-2 - by Sukhoi company
« Last post by Hood on Today at 03:41:08 am »
The SibNIIA composite An-2 programme is still progressing, it seems the fully-composite structure prototype has now flown.
Aerospace / Re: France and Germany to develop new european fighter jet
« Last post by Hood on Today at 03:33:52 am »
A little more political detail.
Not sure how much of this just fluffy politco talk since Airbus and Eurocopter etc. have pretty much made a joint French-German aerospace industry anyway, Dassault being the obvious independent outsider.

Two thoughts come to mind; is France attempting to dissuade German from buying US and how long will it take before the politicians start talking about merging Dassault with Airbus.
Aerospace / Re: SpaceX (general discussion)
« Last post by Michel Van on Today at 03:19:41 am »
Here Interview of Elon Musk at ISS 2017 Conference 7/19/17
He explain why Dragon 2 abandon land landing and Red Dragon will have a different landing system for Mars.
Also about boring Tunnels in L.A. (people are delight about that project), Tesla and Space Industrialization

Aerospace / Re: New Russian SAT SR-10 trainer
« Last post by fightingirish on Today at 03:01:48 am »
There's UCAV design from SAT, based on SR-10, with internal weapon bay.
No internal weapon bay visible on the drawing so far.
[...]In addition to the advanced trainer version, SAT is also working on an UCAV variant, dubbed "AR-10 Argument". According to SAT, the AR-10 UCAV would features increased capabilities in addition to its weapon payload, such as a 900 km/h maximum speed and an operational range of up to 1,600 km/h. It should be powered by a single AL-55 jet engine. Technical drawing unveiled at MAKS 2017 suggests that the AR-10 could be fitted with at least two missiles.[...]
Aerospace / Re: A-X all over again - USAF pushes for A-10 replacement
« Last post by donnage99 on Today at 02:30:23 am »
Yep just as many suspected.  A load of BS to please some folks in Congress
Aerospace / Re: Modest Proposal. Bring back the S-3/ES-3 Viking
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 07:56:52 pm »
Average airframe age is 12,000 hours vs. a design life of 13,000 hours.
And I believe they are close to the maximum allowable number of cats/traps.

Lockheed's proposed SLEP would bump operational life to 17,750 flight hours and
an provide for an additional 1500 cats/traps.

MITRE's unclassified Future Fleet Study from a year ago states that:

" The Navy is considering procuring KV-22s, reactivating KS-3Bs, and procuring a tanking unmanned aerial system."
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