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Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Bernard Noble:Properly to Test book 2
« Last post by Dynoman on Today at 11:51:22 am »
I don't have the book, however the back of Book 1 has the following description:

Properly to Test: Early Years Bk. 1: Reminiscences of Flying at the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment Boscombe Down

 The title 'Avro One' is synonymous with a long line of Chief
Test Pilots beginning with Alliot Verdon Roe in 1908.
Robby Robinson started his flying career in the RAF culminating in two
tours as a test pilot at Boscombe Down followed by a tour with the Empire
Test Pilots School. He joined British Aerospace in 1978 and became their
chief test pilot in 1981.
This story takes the reader all over the world as Robby gives an insight
into his experience of civilian flying and the development of his skills as
a 'salesman', promoting and selling the HS.748. The beauty of flying in
Trinidad & Tobago, Madagascar and Andorra along with the frustrations and
complications of operating so far from home are related in a humorous and
informative manner.
The wartime spirit during the Falklands War of 1982 at Woodford is
described in detail, including the multitude of modifications that took
place during that time. These included the effective fitment of Sidewinders
to the Nimrod making it the 'worlds biggest fighter'.
The ups and eventual downs of the Nimrod AEW.3 are also covered in detail,
complemented by several excellent air-to-air photographs of the United
Kingdom's AWACS.
The crowning moment is described as occurring on the 6th August 1986, when,
with Robby at the controls, the ATP first took to the sky. It was to be the
last airliner exclusively designed and built by a British company in the
United Kingdom.
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Photographs in books: A Meldrew moment
« Last post by Arjen on Today at 06:59:48 am »
Pictures like this...

...are what caused me to develop a fascination for aircraft. I like general aspect drawings, but my most prized books contain lots of drawings AND nice pictures like the XP-46 image. That, or they go into great detail about the people behind the aircraft, how they went about making them and/or how they were used. If a book has all of the above - hog heaven.

Bookshelf & Marketplace / Photographs in books: A Meldrew moment
« Last post by uk 75 on Today at 05:25:48 am »
I know that I am getting into Victor Meldrew mode again, but I wondered if it was just me.

Books on our subject are such a rare and valuable resource, and I should say how grateful I am to
all who toil to produce them for ingrates like me.

But, I do find myself wondering how the picture sizing gets decided upon.  My particular "hate" is
full page photographs of an ordinary subject when a half page or less would do.  I realise this is
also because I am always hunting for elusive general arrangement drawings and regard photos as
often a bit dull.  But do others like these full page photos and if so, why?
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Bernard Noble:Properly to Test book 2
« Last post by Pasoleati on Yesterday at 04:10:37 pm »
So what aircraft types it does cover?😊
According to a Dutch aviation website (Nederlandseluchtvaart) the book should
be available this  Summer.
Amazon however produdes still the old info and nothing about is found in
other sources...
Interesting Websites / 1945-2005: The Saga of European Missiles
« Last post by Hood on Yesterday at 05:43:37 am »
1945-2005: The Saga of European Missiles by Guillaume Belan and Patrick Mercillon is a France-language history of Western European missile development since the war.
The multi-part PDF ebook can be found at:
I already have mine on pre-order from amazon. I can't wait to see what is inside.
I got my copy from the publisher today.
It is my hope those that choose to read it, enjoy and find something of interest.

Thanks for the info Bill, I will buy a copy when funds permit :)
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Vought F-8 Crusader book by forum member Bill Spidle
« Last post by Bill S on July 18, 2017, 05:05:52 pm »
I got my copy from the publisher today.
It is my hope those that choose to read it, enjoy and find something of interest.
Thanks FightingIrish and M. Carbonel.
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