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Naval Projects / Re: HMS Hood 1942 Large Repair
« Last post by airman on Today at 02:20:12 am »
interesting ! ::)
Missile Projects / Re: Future Cruise / Anti-Ship Weapon (FC/ASW)
« Last post by JFC Fuller on Today at 01:41:30 am »
For context, Storm Shadow and SCALP are being refurbished in the interim, obviously also a joint programme:
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III
« Last post by blackkite on Today at 01:29:32 am »
At long last, my F8U-3 monograph has been published by Steve Ginter. It includes details that you probably haven't seen on the F8U-3 and the Grumman Design 118 (both twin and single-engine versions), as well as information on the competition between the F8U-3 and the F4H.
Hi! I already have this wonderful book.

I found some pages from google image search. For example,

Some three side view drawing.

This airplane was a very wonderful airplane. I think the form of this airplane is Mach 3 class. Ventral fin is very large same as XF-103.
It's said that the form of this airplane also fits in with a supersonic area rule.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III
« Last post by blackkite on Yesterday at 08:53:42 pm »
Source : AIR ENTHUSIAST 31, total 10 pages.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III
« Last post by blackkite on Yesterday at 07:48:32 pm »
Army Projects / Re: M-1 Replacement
« Last post by Kadija_Man on Yesterday at 07:17:38 pm »
It seems to be the opinion of some here that because tanks have been used in urban warfare before, they must be the best tool for the role.  They very callously suggest that if a tank is killed while undertaking this role it is of no consequence.  Are the lives of our troops so cheaply held without reguard that the lesson of the tank NOT being the best vehicle for infantry support in an urban environment is lost?  It does not surprise me.  Military lives are always cheap for armchair warriors.

Any AFV in an urban environment is vulnerable, tank or other.   What is required is combined arms operations, with each element supporting and protecting the other.  It won't matter if it's a tank, a SPG or an Assault Gun.
Missile Projects / Re: Future Cruise / Anti-Ship Weapon (FC/ASW)
« Last post by Triton on Yesterday at 06:01:38 pm »
"France, UK advance deep strike weapons study"
28 March, 2017 SOURCE: BY: Craig Hoyle London


France and the UK have launched a three-year programme to advance the replacement of their current inventories of air-launched cruise missiles and anti-ship weapons, to enter use around the end of the next decade.

Representing an investment worth €100 million ($108 million) to be funded equally by the nations, the future cruise/anti-ship weapon (FC/ASW) activity will be performed by MBDA, under the leadership of France’s DGA defence procurement agency. It aims to introduce a new family of missiles to replace the partners’ current MBDA Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG and Exocet weapons, as well as the Boeing-produced Harpoon system.

MBDA says the up-to three-year concept phase will “mature systems and technologies that will increase the availability, range and lethality of anti-ship and deep strike missiles launched by both air and naval combat platforms”.

DGA director general Laurent Collet-Billon says Paris expects to field a family of systems to replace its current weapons “by around 2030”.

Referring to the company’s “One Complex Weapons” initiative, MBDA chief executive Antoine Bouvier says: “We aim to work in even closer partnership with our domestic military customers in order to converge their requirements.”

Work on the proposed FC/ASW capability began with joint studies conducted from 2011, and the new phase will potentially be followed by an assessment and demonstration activity.

Speaking during an annual results briefing in London on 15 March, Bouvier said MBDA’s future family of deep strike weapons will be an important capability to protect deployed forces in a future anti-access/area-denial environment.

MBDA was last year contracted to perform a mid-life upgrade on the Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG cruise missiles used by the French military and UK Royal Air Force. The UK’s Defence Equipment & Support organisation values its commitment as worth £146 million ($183 million) and says the work – to include refurbishing the weapon’s turbojet engine and upgrading its navigation system – will ensure Storm Shadow “remains fit for purpose and ready for operational use” until a successor enters use.

Deliveries of refurbished weapons will commence for the UK next year, with work having started last month. France is to receive improved SCALP-EG rounds for use with its Dassault Mirage 2000Ds and Rafales from 2020.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: A.M.E. aircraft (Aeronáutica Militar Española)
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 04:51:40 pm »
now I remember this company,as my dear Adrien said,it was Aeronautica Militar  Espanola
which established at Cuatro Vientos,near Madrid,headquarters of the Spanish Military Air
Service,and had its own workshops and laboratory.

And I suspect in DIAZ Type-C fighter is one of its production,am I right ?.

And I am still suspect in DIAZ Type-C is one of its products ?.

I discovered it was not.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Unknown WWII US jet project with butterfly tail
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 04:34:38 pm »
Wow,nice Model,thank you Zanenobbs.
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