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Army Projects / Re: UK MoD Future Protected Vehicle
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 01:11:24 am »
From last year:

Land Apache: A lightweight (13 ton) very agile platform with advanced suspension and electric drive. Equipped with long range sensors and missiles, it would exploit networking with other platforms and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) for intelligence gathering and the defeat of threats

Urban Operations Vehicle: A medium weight (22 ton) vehicle optimised for operations in urban areas. Multi-wheel steer, long travel suspension and electric drive provide agility. Multiple sensors and weapon systems allow the simultaneous detection and engagement of threats, advanced active protection systems provide protection against rocket propelled grenades and other threats fired from short ranges. The vehicle can be fitted with a dozer blade and robotic arm for clearing rubble and barriers

Force protection unmanned vehicle: A very lightweight (2 ton), high mobility vehicle that is capable of reaching speeds of 50 mph (80 kph). Its design allows the vehicle to be configured for a range of operational requirements and sophisticated countermeasure launchers for defence.

I've attached the image of the UOV (I think) below.
A jet plane? Fighter?
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: IAR-80 with inline engine
« Last post by blockhaj on Today at 01:06:42 am »
May i ask for this thread to necro?
Does anyone have accees to the Romanian archives and can find information regarding the IAR.80 No 0 with the DB601? Also the IAR.81C with the DB605?

Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by seruriermarshal on Yesterday at 11:39:35 pm »
second Boeing T-X fly
Aerospace / Re: A-X all over again - USAF pushes for A-10 replacement
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 11:21:24 pm »
Verba is believed to a be three color pseduo-imager but the general trend towards more IRCM
resistant MANPADS is clear.
What do you mean by three color pseduo-imager? It isn't IIR in two wavelengths and UV?

Seems like we're rapidly approaching the point where flares are worthless against the latest MANPADS, but did flares ever even catch up to matter against the IIR generation of missiles like Stinger and Igla?

From the patents, it looks like a trio of detectors (one per waveband) that's swept over the target scene.
With compressed sensing signal processing techniques, you can reconstruct a reasonably high fidelity
2D image. 

Stinger and Igla are pseudo-imagers as well.

There's a class of spectrally adapted, spatially distributed flares which is effective against
some pseudo imagers.  As you pointed out, in conjunction with DIRCM they could be
effective against some imaging seekers.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Early Supermarine Attacker
« Last post by Schneiderman on Yesterday at 11:07:35 pm »
Yes, I think so too. In this design the main uc has been moved backwards, which would have required significant re-engineering of the Spiteful wing.
Aerospace / Re: Ground Based Interceptor (GBI)
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 09:54:26 pm »
IIRC, the range penalty for the two-stage KEI version of GBI necessitated (at a minimum) four CONUS sites.
Then there was the cost of maintaining (in the interim) a split inventory.

I think MDA is getting most of what they need from the 2/3 stage selectable booster stack and improved discrimination.

From what I remember of the NAS study, they said a two stage KEI would enable Shoot-Look-Shoot from Iranian and North Korean missiles, using two / three launch points. Also, do you know if the new sensor will be networked? A key point of the NAS study was that the infrared sensor of the first missile was critical to enable high quality target discrimination.

IIRC, imaging LADAR returns would be downlinked via dual-band (X and S band) datalink. 
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