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Author Topic: Chrysler Studies for Hydrogen/Fluorine/Lithium upperstage 1970  (Read 176 times)

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In 1970 made Chrysler Coperation Space Division
a Study for Upper stage for Various Rockets: Atlas, Titan IIID and Solid 260 inch/S-IVB
using very nasty stuff: Hydrogene and Fluorine and Lithium !

the liquid Lithium and Fluorine burns in Combustion chamber
that's cooled by hydrogen, who goes true the Combustion chamber taking more heat of Lithium and Florine reaction.

Also they study Hydrogene and Fluorine and Beryllium
this more a Hybrid rocket were the Beryllium is solid rocket fuel, burned by Fluorine or mixture of Oxygen and Fluorine
again cooled by hydrogen who goes true the Combustion chamber taking the heat of reaction.
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